A time for healing

In claiming victory this past Saturday as the nation’s 46th president, Joe Biden hit all the right notes. He was forceful, empathetic and steady...

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 13

The legacy of Baltimore’s Lithuanian heritage I am a native of Baltimore and a decades-long subscriber to the Baltimore Jewish Times. I currently live part...
Rabbi Joshua Runyan

Opinion | A season of change? Only if we do our part

By Rabbi Joshua Runyan For the first time since ceding the reins of a Jewish newspaper, I was called a traitor last week by a...
Susan Weikers

Opinion | Lifelong lessons for Israel’s future

By Susan Weikers For me, involvement with the state of Israel was prenatal. Even before I was born, right around the time of Israel’s founding,...

Opinion | Bridging technology and education

By Rivki Fialkoff Until last spring, I always started my day by checking my email. Since then, it seems like I walk into a different...

Letters to the editor: Nov. 6

Originalism is not new to Judaism I’d like to offer a Jewish framing for the Oct. 23 editorials. “For President, Joe Biden”: It should have been...
Rabbi Etan Mintz

Parshat Vayera: Welcoming guests

By Rabbi Etan Mintz The parshah this week opens with the famous image of God appearing to Abraham as he sits at the entrance of...

Corbyn is gone, but Labour anti-Semitism remains

Jeremy Corbyn, who led Britain’s opposition Labour Party until earlier this year, was suspended from the party last week. He was a leader with...

Jerusalem, Israel — a proud birthplace

It took 18 years, but reality finally overcame politics. And now, the U.S. passport of Menachem Zivotofsky shows the unremarkable but much litigated truth...
woman hugs grandmother

Opinion | What I learned from quarantining with my Holocaust survivor grandmother

By Emily Barasch A woman I quarantined with inadvertently shamed me on a regular basis. As strange March rolled into tragic April which rolled into...