Letters to the editor: Oct. 8

Give Trump his due credit A bit ironic that the editorial staff ran a column on last year’s Abraham Accords, applauding “the progress and the...
Douglas Altabef

Opinion | The blessing and potential curse of prosperity

By Douglas Altabef The history of the rebirth of Israel had very little to do with material wealth. The ethos of the kibbutz movement was...

Farewell to Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel, the outgoing chancellor of Germany, is stepping down after 16 years in office, having achieved wide recognition as one of the world’s...

Brinksmanship theater in Congress

Over the past 45 years, we have experienced 20 government shutdowns. No one likes them. So, it wasn’t at all surprising that the most...
An oil derrick

Opinion | Shmita can be a model for tackling climate change and inequality

By Sen. Meghan Kallman and Rabbi Lex Rofeberg We are in an era of multiple interlocking crises. From record-breaking heat waves to wildfires to water...
Tylor Massouda

Parshat Bereshit: Making a good first impression

By Tylor Massouda My Torah reading is about the days of creation. This story is a familiar one and a symbolic one for many occasions....
Amnon Lord

Opinion | The only card Abbas has left

By Amnon Lord The main subject of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas' address to the United Nations General Assembly last week was yet again the...

Letters to the editor: Oct. 1

No comparison to the Holocaust There is no comparison to any event now or before, and hopefully I pray, there will never be a catastrophe...

A vaccine for kids

Last week, we learned that after months of clinical trials, Pfizer determined that its COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children between the...

Iron Dome can’t protect against Israel-haters

The Israel-haters among progressive Democrats are giving progressives a bad name. We try not to overuse the accusation of antisemitism. But how else does one...