Shrink the conflict

Let’s be clear: Israel is not an apartheid state. And Israel is not committing genocide on the Palestinians. Nonetheless, a recent survey commissioned by...
people on a computer screen

Opinion | Jewish spaces should keep the resources offered during the pandemic — it’s...

By Shelly Jay Shore With 46% of Americans fully vaccinated, trials for children under 12 in progress and a population eager to put the last...
Solomon D. Stevens

Opinion | What we can learn from Jabotinsky Day

By Solomon D. Stevens Jabotinsky Day is celebrated as a national holiday in Israel on the 29th of Tammuz, which was July 9 this year....

An unexpected U.N. turn toward Israel

Since the historic founding of the state of Israel more than 73 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly has passed hundreds of resolutions...

The big tent of ‘No Fear’

Sunday’s “No Fear: A Rally in Solidarity with the Jewish People” at the National Mall was a welcome communal reaction to the disturbing rise...
Rabbi Lizz Goldstein

Parshat Devarim: Moses’ farewell rebuke

By Rabbi Lizz Goldstein We are blessed to have summer camps open again, blessed for the return toward normal and the miracles of vaccines that...

Letters to the editor: July 16

Agree on Omar, disagree on Israel I commend your editorial on Rep. Ilhan Omar (“Ilhan Omar is a blight on the Democratic Party,” July 9)....
Democtic Party donkey

Opinion | For Democrats, it’s OK to agree to disagree on Israel

By Karen Adler and Ada Horwich The two of us have spent most of our lives working for two causes: Israel and the Democratic Party....
Max Goldman

Opinion | The privilege of aliyah

By Max Goldman I’d be lying if I said I knew I always wanted to live in Israel. Like many Zionists, the idea often brewed...
Jonah Cohen

Opinion | Washington State’s ‘Native Education’ curriculum attacks Israel

By Jonah Cohen Public school officials in the state of Washington have inserted the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into mandatory fifth-grade lessons on Native American history. Children as...