Resounding bipartisan support for Israel

In today’s combative political climate, amid mounting concerns of partisan posturing, there are few things on which most Democrats and Republicans agree. But a...

The gun problem

We face a mass shooting epidemic. And the cure is evasive. The recent burst of mass killing is upsetting. But it has been relegated to...
Zev Hurwitz

Opinion | In student governments, Jews and Zionists need not apply

By Zev Hurwitz The story goes like this: A Jewish student is elected to the university’s student government. The student’s fitness for office is challenged by...
Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz

Parshat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim: On our life experiences and Judaism

By Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz This week we read the double portion of Achrei Mot-Kedoshim. Parshat Achrei Mot opens by referencing the death of Aaron’s sons,...
Jo Shifrin

Opinion | The case for a paid family and medical leave bill

By Jo Shifrin When I discovered an 18-inch hole in my mother-in-law’s wall, I realized she could no longer live alone: A swarm of termites...
Howard Libit (courtesy)

Opinion | Surge in hate crimes requires government action at all levels

By Howard Libit The FBI tells us that hate crimes have risen to their highest levels in a decade, according to the 2019 Hate Crime...

The business of political speech

We were surprised to hear Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warn Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball — and other parts of...

The lonely Lady Liberty

We were under the impression that President Joe Biden was going to elevate the welcoming image of the Statue of Liberty. After four years...

Letters to the editor: April 23

‘Challah!’ and me Thank you so much for the article about “Challah!” and me (“Local grandmother, inspired by grandson’s first word, writes ‘Challah!’” April 2)....
Paul Driessen and Nadav Shashar scuba dive

Opinion | Artificial reefs: For nature and peace

By Paul Driessen The husband-wife team of Ben Gurion University marine biologists Nadav Shashar and Jenny Tynyakov is on a mission. They’re spearheading an unusual...