Rabbi Andy Gordon

Parshat Vayetzei | Conquering fear, following dreams

By Rabbi Andy Gordon Jacob is on the run! His brother Esau is furious because Jacob stole his blessing. Jacob grabs his staff and flees...
Thanksgiving table

Opinion | We need Thanksgiving more than ever this year

By Daniel Treiman | JTA Americans are in desperate need of some common ground. That’s why, this year, Thanksgiving isn’t coming a day too soon. No...
Danny Danon

Opinion | The president-elect must heed history when managing Iran

By Danny Danon | JNS One of the most crucial issues on the table for the Middle East is Iran. It is very likely that...

Parshat Toldot: Isaac’s do-over adds justice to Abraham’s love

By Rabbi Alana Suskin A number of people are credited with the saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over...

Letters to the editor: Nov. 20, 2020

Trump trumps Biden In response to the editorial, “A time for healing” (Nov. 13): Joe Biden and Donald Trump are different in many ways. Biden...

Palestinian leadership vacuum

Saeb Erekat was the Palestinians’ chief peace negotiator with Israel since the 1990s. He was accusatory, confrontational and uncompromising in his public persona, but...

The dishonor of frivolous challenges

Last weekend’s demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and other cities by President Donald Trump’s supporters made clear that there are a lot of people who...
Betsy Stone

Opinion | Amid endless fatigue, give yourself a break

By Betsy Stone Depending on how you count, we’re now in month eight of this endless trauma. I’ve been describing it as a bitter Napoleon...
anti-semitism in the dictionary

Opinion | Anti-Semitism, circa 1974 and in 2020

By Alan Ronkin I was just a kid, only 7 or 8. I was walking home from school on a brisk fall day in my kippah and...
Eyal Zisser

Opinion | Biden should watch and learn

By Eyal Zisser | JNS On Election Night, voters went to sleep with U.S. President Donald Trump and woke up with President-elect Joe Biden. Countries in...