We Will Miss John Lewis

“Beloved” is an apt word to describe John Lewis. He was more than a member of Congress, more than a civil rights leader and...
Alex Joffe

Voices | Israeli Sovereignty and Its Unlikely Benefactors

By Alex Joffe | JNS With regard to the possible application of Israeli sovereignty to parts of the West Bank, certain long-term aspects are clear....
Alanna Margulies

Voices | Learning to Speak Up

By Alanna Margulies There are many ways I could chart the course of my past two years as a college student. Semesters completed, grades earned,...

Bari Weiss and The New York Times

Once you get past the schadenfreude, one could almost feel sorry for The New York Times. With the very public and searing announcement by...

Letters to the Editor: July 24

No Israel Dilemma There is no Israel dilemma (“Beinart v. Gordis: The Israel Dilemma,” July 17). Israel is a Jewish and democratic state in which...
John Lewis

Voices | May His Memory Be a Blessing: 4 Lessons We Can Learn From...

By Mark Pelavin | JTA The day is one of my most vivid and treasured memories. I was associate director of the Religious Action Center...
Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Cohen

Parshat Matot-Masei: Embracing Our Uncertainty

By Rabbi Elissa Sachs-Kohen We are living through challenging times, times that can feel like a wilderness in which we truly do not know where...
Ari Mittelman

Voices | Remembering the Srebrenica Genocide

By Ari Mittleman Twenty-five years ago in Pennsylvania, I was a middle school student enjoying summer vacation. Twenty-five years ago in Bosnia, boys my age were...
Mark Hetfield

Voices | We Could Be Witnessing the End of the Right to Asylum

In 1948, after the Holocaust, the right to asylum was recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to ensure that never again would...

Beinart v. Gordis: The Israel Dilemma

Peter Beinart, the journalist and political columnist, asks in an essay published last week in Jewish Currents: “What makes someone a Jew — not...