Rabbi Elie Abadie

Opinion | Rosh Hashanah: A time of renewal and unity

By Rabbi Elie Abadie As Jews, every Rosh Hashanah, we rededicate our commitment to Judaism. We reaffirm our devotion to Jewish law, and we strive...

Opinion | What to remember when abuse stories break in Jewish communities

By Sheila Katz and Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg We are, once again, in a season of reckoning with sexual abuse in the Jewish community and in...

Our newest immigrants

Governments are notoriously reluctant to admit mistakes. But sometimes the facts are so clear that no acknowledgment is necessary. Our withdrawal from Afghanistan is...

Rosh Hashanah 5782

5781 was challenging. But we got through it. In the process, we learned how to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays remotely or in compliant...
Maya Carlin

Opinion | The fall of Kabul will bode well for American adversaries

By Maya Carlin Bad actors are lining up to fill the vacuum in Afghanistan created by the U.S. withdrawal. Iran, Qatar, Russia and China are...
Eli Cohen

Opinion | 30 years of peacemaking helped put Crown Heights back together

By Eli Cohen It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Brooklyn last week, when my neighborhood came together for “One Crown Heights,” a day of...
Rabbi Lawrence M. Pinsker

Parshat Ki Tavo: Not comforting, but oh so true

By Rabbi Lawrence M. Pinsker Fourteen years ago, New York journalist A.J. Jacobs’s book, “The Year of Living Biblically,” became a bestseller and eventually a...

Letters to the editor: Aug. 27

Divorce can be a good thing In 2015, my life was falling apart. My entire family unit was imploding before my eyes. I received divorce...

The Biden-Bennett meeting

President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett already know each other. Nonetheless, there will still be some element of the two leaders...

The ignominy of Afghanistan

As we watch the ongoing tragedy in Afghanistan, we wonder: What did the U.S. government think would happen when it withdrew troops and government...