Rabbi John Franken

Parshat Beha’alotcha: Embracing our diverse Jewish community

By Rabbi John Franken While encamped at Hazeroth, an unexpected family quarrel erupts among the children of Amram. Two of them (Miriam and Aaron) denounce...

Letters to the editor: May 28

Hold universities accountable It’s outrageous that the real benefactors of the triple-digit billions of dollars of at-risk student loans are allowed to escape scot-free from...

Principle and courage under fire

The Holy Land is more than a nickname. It suggests that there is something intrinsically sacred in the land of Israel. And to defile...

Biden’s Middle East opportunity

President Joe Biden was right. Israel has an absolute right to defend itself. And the fact that Israel was largely protected by the Iron...
anti-semitism in the dictionary

Jewish Americans deserve hate crime protection too

By Dov S. Zakheim On Thursday, May 20, President Joe Biden signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, which had been passed overwhelmingly by both houses...
Dr. Janet S. Sunness

Opinion | The religious symbolism of the cicadas

By Dr. Janet S. Sunness We have entered the season of cicadas. When we had the last outbreak, in 2004, I asked myself what the...

Opinion | We were a Compton’s Encyclopedia Jewish family

By Karen Galatz Jews are often called the People of the Book, a reference to our reverence for sacred writings, but in my nonobservant childhood...
Rev. Irvin (Isaac Leib) Stern

Opinion | My zadie, Holocaust survivor and master shochet

By Jeremy Diamond Rev. Irvin (Isaac Leib) Stern was born on March 3, 1927. He was the oldest child to Chantza and Yisroel Dov Stern....
Gavin Adler

Parshat Nasso: Today’s messengers

By Gavin Adler This week’s Haftorah is from the book of Judges. It is about the birth of Samson. In the Haftorah, we read that...

Letters to the editor: May 21

A must-read story of survival Jesse Berman’s feature story on Ida Schmidt-Chait’s survival during the Holocaust and the dedication of the new Ringelblum Archive memorial...