Letters to the editor: Aug. 27

Divorce can be a good thing In 2015, my life was falling apart. My entire family unit was imploding before my eyes. I received divorce...

The Biden-Bennett meeting

President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett already know each other. Nonetheless, there will still be some element of the two leaders...

The ignominy of Afghanistan

As we watch the ongoing tragedy in Afghanistan, we wonder: What did the U.S. government think would happen when it withdrew troops and government...
Irving Joseph Abramowitz

Opinion | Remembering Irving Joseph Abramowitz

By Alan A. and Janet M. Abramowitz Our father and father-in-law, Irving Joseph Abramowitz, a World War II veteran and Baltimore City native, died of...
Meggie Wyschogrod Fredman and Belle Etra Yoeli

Opinion | Time to take a page from Silicon Valley and disrupt antisemitism

By Meggie Wyschogrod Fredman and Belle Etra Yoeli We met as bright-eyed junior staffers working at American Jewish Committee’s office in Washington, D.C., six years...
Rabbi Rory Katz

Parshat Ki Teitzei: On divorce and Jewish wisdom

By Rabbi Rory Katz Divorce, one of the topics discussed in this week’s Torah portion, is often a very private experience. In her memoir, “Yes...
Rivka Nehorai

Opinion | I used to judge ex-Orthodox Jews until I started listening to them

By Rivka Nehorai Ten years ago, I sat shocked watching a new music video from one of my creative Jewish heroes, Matisyahu. Newly married and...
Eyal Zisser

Opinion | Afghanistan: Chronicle of a failure foretold

By Eyal Zisser The last American soldiers are only supposed to leave Afghanistan a month from now, but the Taliban has already reached the capital,...

Letters to the editor: Aug. 20

Quite a stretch It seems to me quite a stretch (“Simone Biles exemplifies pikuach nefesh,” Aug. 6) to take a personal decision (mostly on confidential...

Toward balance and well-being

Before the pandemic changed the way many of us work, we were forced to deal with an array of psychological stresses that added to...