Lisa Klig

Opinion | Building and rebuilding community

By Lisa Klig Over the past year and a half, we have all had to dig deep within ourselves to find new ways to remain...

The Abraham Accords a year later

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of the U.S.-brokered Abraham Accords, which established normal relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain,...

The limits of a fragile coalition

We are intrigued by the experiment in governance being pursued by the eight-party coalition that currently runs the State of Israel. It is the...

Letters to the editor: Sept. 24

Trump at fault in Afghanistan The Sept. 10 issue’s letter, “Time for Biden to go,” is an example of revisionist history. Former President Donald Trump...
Kenneth Marcus

Opinion | If you spell it ‘antisemitism,’ then remove the hyphen from ‘anti-Zionism’

By Kenneth L. Marcus Deborah Lipstadt, recently named by President Joe Biden as the U.S. Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, won’t just combat...
Dr. Michael Matsas

Opinion | The story of an unknown great Jewish hero of WWII

By Dr. Michael Matsas In October 1940, large Italian forces suddenly invaded Greece from Albania. The newspapers kept informing us of a “strategic retreat” until...

Letters to the editor: Sept. 17

Maryland leads in protecting bees Thank you for your article “The state of our bees” in the Sept. 3 edition, in which the JT discusses...

Nachman Shai is listening

In a recent JTA opinion piece under the headline “Has Israel let you down? Talk about it,” Nachman Shai, Israel’s new Minister for Diaspora...

Must a U.S. consulate be in Jerusalem?

Historically, the Consulate General of the United States in Jerusalem was a U.S. diplomatic mission that provided consular services to Palestinian residents in Jerusalem,...
Rabbi Michael Werbow

Parshat Ha’azinu: Finding meaning in holiday rituals

By Rabbi Michael Werbow On our way to Sukkot and Simchat Torah, we pause for a poem by Moses in which he testifies before the...