Student loan relief v. loan forgiveness

There is widespread concern about the crippling financial challenge to some 43 million Americans of their federal student loans. Proposals to deal with the...

Human Rights Watch should watch its words

There are many problems with Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) contention that in "certain areas” of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, Israel’s “deprivations”...

Letters to the editor: May 14

The status of our anti-bias bill The bill S.B. 220/H.B. 128, requiring those convicted of hate crimes to undergo an education program created by the...

Parshat Behar-Bechukotai | Infusing holiness into our days

This week, we conclude the Book of Leviticus, whose aim is the establishment of holiness. Leviticus begins with a description of the sacrificial system...
Ruthie Blum

Opinion | Mount Meron and Israel’s paradoxical nature

By Ruthie Blum On Saturday night, as Tel Aviv’s City Hall lit up with the image of the Israeli flag to commemorate the dozens killed...
Gary Rosenblatt

Opinion | What will it take for me to go back to synagogue?

By Gary Rosenblatt When I was very young, what motivated me to go to shul on Shabbat morning was the fire station two houses away...
Phil Jacobs

Opinion | ‘When the Dodgers left Brooklyn’

By Phil Jacobs I was sitting in the rabbi’s office. We were interviewing for a feature story. He was Chasidic. He told me about his Brooklyn childhood,...

Letters to the editor: May 7

A serious mental health problem Regarding “The Gun Problem” (April 30): Mass shootings of victims varying from young schoolchildren to Asian Americans and Jews is symptomatic...

Confronting domestic abuse

During the past year, home has been a safe haven for most people. It was the comfortable refuge from the deadly pandemic, which predominantly...

Biden’s 100 day speech

President Joe Biden marked his 100th day in office last week with a nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress. He spoke...