Solving the infrastructure puzzle

We all understand the need to invest in maintaining and upgrading our nation’s infrastructure. That includes work on such fundamentals like roads, bridges, transportation,...
Simone Biles

Opinion | Simone Biles exemplifies pikuach nefesh

By Hannah S. Pressman At first it seemed like any other morning. I had to get two kids ready for camp (fill water bottles, slather...

Fingerhut’s four asks

When it comes to issues of communal safety and institutional security, congressional testimony by representatives of our community have historically focused on Jewish-centric concerns,...

In Ohio, a pro-Israel victory for moderates

Democratic Party moderates and the pro-Israel community heaved a deep, satisfied sigh of relief following last week’s come-from-behind victory of Shontel Brown over Nina...

Letters to the editor: Aug. 13

When we can’t be out there With all of the negative things that are coming out of COVID-19, I must say that the one good...
Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz

Parshat Shoftim: Never-ending pursuits

By Rabbi Elliot Kaplowitz The opening of Parshat Shoftim contains one of the most often quoted verses of Chumash: “Tzedek tzedek tirdof” — “Justice, justice...
Jonathan S. Tobin

Opinion | No easy fix for Israel’s gold-medal civil marriage dilemma

It was an epic Olympic Games for Israel. The Jewish state’s team brought home a record four medals from the Tokyo Olympiad, including two...

Letters to the editor: Aug. 6

Off base on critical race theory Banning Critical Race Theory in no way forces or implies “skipping over the unpleasant parts” of history (“Banning critical...
Rabbi Joshua Z. Gruenberg

Parshat Re’eh: Choose life, choose the vaccine

By Rabbi Joshua Z. Gruenberg At the beginning of this week’s Torah portion, the people are faced with a simple yet existential question. Do they...

Israel’s Pegasus opportunity

Over the past several weeks we have seen reports that Israel spyware firm NSO Group’s Pegasus technology was being used for more than the...