Rabbi Daniel Plotkin

Parshat Balak: What we can learn from the donkey

By Rabbi Daniel Plotkin Parshat Balak is an unusual portion for several reasons. Most unusual is that the parshah contains a talking animal, one of...
Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein

Opinion | Most Jews won’t set foot in a synagogue. That’s why rabbis need...

By Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein On March 13, nearly a year to the day after Temple Beth El of Charlotte, North Carolina, closed due to...
David Suissa

Opinion | How do you fight antisemitism? With Arab Israelis

By David Suissa We’ve reached a point where it’s impossible to separate Jew-hatred from Israel-hatred. If you single out and unfairly malign the world’s only...

Letters to the editor: June 25

Wishful thinking Letter writer Sidney Chernick (“The real situation at colleges,” June 18) should study University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor Cary Nelson’s book, “Israel...

Don’t mess with donor-advised funds

Donor-advised funds (DAF) have been around for nearly a century. They are accounts created by individuals at a sponsoring organization — usually a public...

A genocide on our watch

At their recent meeting, leaders of the Group of Seven issued a call to China to “respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.” Chief among...
Curtis Pontz

Opinion | Peace a dream until Palestinians accept Israel’s legitimacy

By Curtis Pontz Was Israel justifiably and justly created as the place to which the Jewish people were able to return in 1948 to reestablish...
Two children in paddleboats on a lake.

Opinion | The comeback begins

By Jeremy J. Fingerman I can’t believe we have finally arrived at this special time — the reopening of summer camps and the rebuilding of...
Cantor Nancy Ginsberg

Parshat Chukat: Moses’ big mistake

By Cantor Nancy Ginsberg Parshat Chukat has one of the most perplexing, even disturbing, passages in the Torah. Moses the faithful shepherd, who has led...
Dan Schnur

Opinion | What Bennett can learn from Biden, and vice versa

By Dan Schnur As Israelis take their first tentative and raucous steps into a post-Netanyahu era, the most frequently asked question is how long a...