Nachman Shai is listening

In a recent JTA opinion piece under the headline “Has Israel let you down? Talk about it,” Nachman Shai, Israel’s new Minister for Diaspora...

Must a U.S. consulate be in Jerusalem?

Historically, the Consulate General of the United States in Jerusalem was a U.S. diplomatic mission that provided consular services to Palestinian residents in Jerusalem,...
Rabbi Michael Werbow

Parshat Ha’azinu: Finding meaning in holiday rituals

By Rabbi Michael Werbow On our way to Sukkot and Simchat Torah, we pause for a poem by Moses in which he testifies before the...
A sukkah

Opinion | Sukkot’s message is essential during our climate crisis

By Esti Shapiro Growing up in the temperamental weather of Denver, Colo., it was not at all unusual to experience rain, high winds, heat waves...

Opinion | Observing Yom Kippur with a disordered eating past

By Sarah Simone Yom Kippur is arguably one of the most important days in the Jewish calendar. It is the Day of Atonement, a day...
Dr. Gwen L. DuBois

Opinion | Housing saves lives

By Dr. Gwen L. DuBois While we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, we are also in the midst of an ever-worsening...
Maggie Hoffman

Opinion | A patchwork of pandemic stories at the Jewish Museum

By Maggie Hoffman Since March of 2020, we’ve collectively faced unimaginable challenges and grappled with overwhelming grief. We’ve worked on the front lines and balanced...

Letters to the editor: Sept. 10

Time for Biden to go The Republican Women of Baltimore County and its president Dee Hodges are shocked and heartsick by the murder of our...

The challenge of a parole decision

Fifty-three years ago, in June 1968, 24-year-old Sirhan Sirhan rocked America when he shot and killed Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.), then the leading...

Voice of hate at State

Jesus Christ came to save the whole world from the Jews — the founders of the original Anti-Christ religion, they who are the seed...