Torah Commentary

Rabbi Lizz Goldstein

Parshat Devarim: Moses’ farewell rebuke

By Rabbi Lizz Goldstein We are blessed to have summer camps open again, blessed for the return toward normal and the miracles of vaccines that...
Rabbi Chai Posner

Parshat Matot–Masei: Stops along the journey

By Rabbi Chai Posner The Torah portions of Matot and Masei bring the fourth book of the Torah, Bamidbar, to a close. Bamidbar, literally “in...
Rabbi James Michaels

Parshat Pinchas: The encore of Serach bat Asher

By Rabbi James Michaels There are some people whom you might meet only once or twice, yet you never forget them. Serach bat Asher is...
Rabbi Daniel Plotkin

Parshat Balak: What we can learn from the donkey

By Rabbi Daniel Plotkin Parshat Balak is an unusual portion for several reasons. Most unusual is that the parshah contains a talking animal, one of...
Cantor Nancy Ginsberg

Parshat Chukat: Moses’ big mistake

By Cantor Nancy Ginsberg Parshat Chukat has one of the most perplexing, even disturbing, passages in the Torah. Moses the faithful shepherd, who has led...
Rabbi Jennifer Weiner

Parshat Korach: Arguing for the sake of heaven

By Rabbi Jennifer Weiner In our weekly Torah portion, Korach leads a band of rebels. Korach no longer wishes to follow Moses’ leadership. Instead, Korach...
Rabbi Craig Axler

Parshat Sh’lach: Lost in translation

By Rabbi Craig Axler When studying Torah, translation can make a world of difference in how we relate to the text. This week’s Torah portion...
Rabbi John Franken

Parshat Beha’alotcha: Embracing our diverse Jewish community

By Rabbi John Franken While encamped at Hazeroth, an unexpected family quarrel erupts among the children of Amram. Two of them (Miriam and Aaron) denounce...
Gavin Adler

Parshat Nasso: Today’s messengers

By Gavin Adler This week’s Haftorah is from the book of Judges. It is about the birth of Samson. In the Haftorah, we read that...
Summer Friedman

Parshat Bamidbar: The power of forgiveness

By Summer Friedman This week’s haftarah comes from the Book of Hosea, and it focuses on the importance of forgiveness. The haftarah talks about how the...