Torah Commentary

Lilly Warren

Parshat Emor: The significance of special times

By Lilly Warren In Emor, it talks about the Jewish holidays and how they are all different from each other. The holidays are so special...
Brennan Stewart

Parshat Kedoshim: The golden rule

By Brennan Stewart This week’s Torah portion is about God telling the Israelites some new rules. One rule is to treat your neighbor as you...
Avi Sax

Parshat Achrei Mot: Reexamining Leviticus 18:22

By Avi Sax Achrei Mot includes laws governing what we eat, how we pray and how we love. Some of the laws make a lot...
Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner

Passover: Renewed and new meanings

Rabbi Barry Dov Lerner What do you remember most vividly about your earliest seder experience? Many of us have memories of our respective Passover experiences with...
Rabbi Lawrence M. Pinsker

Parshat Metzora: On never letting go of hope

Rabbi Lawrence M. Pinsker Both this week’s portion, Metzora, and last week’s, Tazria, raise questions about how we address illness, not only in terms of...
Rabbi Rory Katz

Parshat Tazria: The rituals around pregnancy

By Rabbi Rory Katz Rituals are meant to provide orientation and grounding through the uncertain, ambiguous and/or emotionally tumultuous times of life. This week’s Torah...
Paige Sachs

Parshat Shemini: On being holy

By Paige Sachs This week’s portion is Shemini. It is also Shabbat Parah. Parah means red cow or heifer so Shabbat Parah literally means Shabbat...
Alice Nesky

Parshat Tzav: What should we glory in

  By Alice Nesky Both my Torah and Haftorah portions concern the details of sacrifice and holy rituals. In the Haftorah, the tribe of Judah’s sacrifices...
Rabbi Lawrence M. Pinsker

Parshat Vayikra: Learning to love begins with Leviticus

By Rabbi Lawrence M. Pinsker Leviticus, the very center of the Torah scroll, details ancient Jewish practices of sacrifice, ritual and teshuvah (“atonement”). It asks...
Rabbi Melanie Aron

Parshat Pekudei: What’s the story with Exodus?

By Rabbi Melanie Aron When we give a talk or write an article, we take special care with the beginning and the ending. The opening...