Torah Commentary

Parshat Chukat-Balak: Opening Our Tents and Bettering Our Nation

By Rabbi Eric L. Abbott On July 4, 1776, our country’s founders declared their independence, pursuing a new nation built on principles such as being...

Parshat Korach: Why Give a Good Thing a Bad Name?

By Rabbi Levi Druk This week we read the parshah of Korach, named after Korach, who led a rebellion against Moshe. Korach challenged the priesthood...

Let’s Not Go Back to Mitzrayim: Parshat Sh’lach

By Rabbi Ariana Katz This week’s parshah, Parshat Sh’lach, asks us, “Who do you believe in?” G-d tells Moses to gather scouts to survey the land....

On The Nature of Prayer: Parshat Nasso

By Rabbi Deborah Wechsler Every generation has a new kind of encounter with God. Therefore, every generation has a new kind of way of expressing that...

Remembering the Marginalized Among Us: Shavuot

By Rabbi Rory Katz There is an unmistakable sound to the delight of recognizing someone who you haven’t seen in a while pop up in...

Counting the Community: Parshat Bamidbar

By Eden Shulman Parshat Bamidbar begins with a census of non-Levite men aged 20 or over who were fit for battle. Counting Jews directly is...
Kayla Gruenberg

The Benefits of Doing Good Things: Parshat Behar-Bechukotai

By Kayla Gruenberg This week’s Torah portion, Behar-Bechukotai, talks about the blessings and curses that God says will happen if the Israelites do not obey...
Rabbi Sonya Starr

Mourning From a Distance

By Rabbi Sonya Starr Parshat Emor begins by telling Moses to speak to the Kohanim, saying that they should not be defiled by being near...
Rabbi Ari Plost

Choosing Life: Parshat Achrei Mot-Kedoshim

By Rabbi Ari Plost As many of us shelter at home and wait for an end to the pandemic, conversing by video, phone, or text,...
Ariel Platt

Soap and Laughter: Parshat Tazria-Metzora

By Rabbi Ariel Platt We have been told that the top three ways to help fight COVID-19 are to: 1) Stay home as much as...