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Opinion | College students are falling through our largest food safety net

By Miriam Lipschutz There’s something the incoming secretary of agriculture and I have in common: a love for dairy cows. Tom Vilsack is currently chief executive...
Vickie Hervitz

Opinion | How you can help your child with remote learning

By Vicki Hervitz Her math Zoom class is starting, and she double checks her materials. The class starts and she’s furiously taking notes. She starts...

Why Christmas is the best day to be a Jew

By Alex Kirshner | JTA The Christians of my childhood tried hard to make me feel welcome around Christmas, and they succeeded as much as...
Jonathan S. Tobin

Opinion | Can the bipartisan consensus on Israel be revived?

One of the standard laments of the organized American Jewish world in recent years has been the decline and fall of the bipartisan consensus...

There’s a hunger crisis in America

By Abby J. Leibman | JTA Nine months into the pandemic, we are witnessing a true crisis of food insecurity. Lines for emergency food distribution...

Our worst year ends in a miracle

The COVID-19 vaccine is on its way. Instead of waiting years and years, as we normally do with vaccines, we waited eight months. Can...

Opinion | Celebrating international Chanukah traditions with our senses

By Ilana Meiller The recent increase in coronavirus cases across the country continues to affect everyday life, including holiday plans. As the Centers for Disease...

Opinion | Why we need the screen-free Chanukah challenge this year

By Corinne E. Yourman This fall, in the midst of a pandemic that has marked an uptick in our reliance on tech to keep us...

Opinion | The Supreme Court’s repeal of synagogue restrictions won’t change anything for Orthodox...

By Rabbi Yosie Levine As the rabbi of a synagogue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I have been keeping a close eye on...
Sonia Kozlovsky

Opinion | Coping with COVID at Krieger Schechter Day School

By Sonia Kozlovsky This year is one of uncertainty affecting all aspects of life. School is no exception. In my role as librarian at...