Mindy Sager Dickler

Another Pandemic?

Mindy Sager Dickler Ah, remember the “good old days” around three years ago? We were all dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. We’d never known that the...
Rabbi Irwin Keller

The Spiritual Risks of Lingering in the Place of our Pain

By Rabbi Irwin Keller How often have I sat in my tears over these last weeks? How many minutes have I spent in the ruins...
Ben Cohen

A Letter to the Rest of the World

By Ben Cohen As odd as it may seem for me to be addressing all 8 billion of you, what I have to say is...
David Lee Preston

The Rising Death Toll in Gaza Is Tragic But It Is Not Genocide

By David Lee Preston Up in Broome County, New York, beneath a simple marker in a family plot in Hale Eddy Cemetery, I believe the...
Rebecca Dinar

Journalists Need Support to Get the Mideast Story Right

By Rebecca Dinar At the end of last summer, Ron Kampeas, the seasoned Jewish Telegraphic Agency reporter, shared his experience reporting on the Tree of...
Amy Neustein

Fighting Cyberwarfare: One of the Benefits of a Standalone Israel Aid Bill

By Amy Neustein Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson called on President Joe Biden to split his $105 billion supplementary budget request between aid for...
Jonathan Harounoff and JJ Kimche

As Jewish Students, We Are No Longer Safe on Our US Campuses

By Jonathan Harounoff and JJ Kimche U.S. college campuses are no longer safe spaces for Jewish students. As proud British Jews and recent expats, we emigrated...
David Suissa

How Oct. 7 Has Reignited Jewish Peoplehood

By David Suissa Something noteworthy is sweeping through much of the Jewish world. Jews have bonded over disgust. They’re disgusted, first, by the savage murder, rape, torture,...
Students hold vigil after Hamas attack on Israel

College Leaders Must Act To Protect Students

By Adam Lehman Imagine being a Jewish college student on campus today. You wake up on Saturday, October 7, and learn of the most violent...
Omer Balva

Remembering Omer

By Aaron Bregman “Throughout history, Jewish communities have endured persistent mistreatment and anti-Semitism across the globe. From moving from one place to another to their...