Rivka Nehorai

Opinion | I used to judge ex-Orthodox Jews until I started listening to them

By Rivka Nehorai Ten years ago, I sat shocked watching a new music video from one of my creative Jewish heroes, Matisyahu. Newly married and...
Eyal Zisser

Opinion | Afghanistan: Chronicle of a failure foretold

By Eyal Zisser The last American soldiers are only supposed to leave Afghanistan a month from now, but the Taliban has already reached the capital,...
Simone Biles

Opinion | Simone Biles exemplifies pikuach nefesh

By Hannah S. Pressman At first it seemed like any other morning. I had to get two kids ready for camp (fill water bottles, slather...
Jonathan S. Tobin

Opinion | No easy fix for Israel’s gold-medal civil marriage dilemma

It was an epic Olympic Games for Israel. The Jewish state’s team brought home a record four medals from the Tokyo Olympiad, including two...
Dan Schnur

Opinion | Ben & Jerry’s dispute a sign of growing societal challenge

By Dan Schnur Sometimes an ice cream cone is just an ice cream cone. But sometimes a debate that may seem to be just about...
David Suissa

Opinion | Will the Delta variant spoil the High Holiday comeback?

By David Suissa Just as things were returning to normal, and rabbis across America were eagerly anticipating a full reopening for the High Holidays, the...
Matthew Weinstein

Opinion | Ben & Jerry’s is right: Settlements on Palestinian land aren’t Israel

By Matthew Weinstein Here in Tel Aviv, the announcement by Ben & Jerry’s that they are planning to end sales of their products in West...
Abraham H. Miller

Opinion | Is the golden age of American Jewry at an end?

By Abraham H. Miller For decades, the American Jewish community has avoided dealing with the growing antisemitism of the left. When tiki torch-carrying white nationalists...
Security camera

Opinion | Take it from a former FBI agent: Security is all about the...

By Robert Graves As the COVID-19 pandemic winds down, people are beginning to return to patterns of life and cherished activities that have been on...
Mitchell Bard

Opinion | The ‘not enough fear’ rally

By Mitchell Bard For months, Jews have been talking about the upsurge in antisemitism; polls have indicated American Jews are experiencing unprecedented levels of antisemitism...