activists holding signs for student debt cancellation

Opinion | Why aren’t American Jews talking more about student debt relief?

By Rabbi Emily Cohen When I finished rabbinical school in 2018, I entered the “real world” with $40,000 in student loans. I acted fast, prioritizing...
Ben Cohen

Opinion | The perils of broadcasting in Arabic

By Ben Cohen Last week was a lousy one for the taxpayer-funded German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, bookended by no less than two antisemitism scandals...
Charlotte Seeleman Shlenker

Opinion | My Jewish ancestors owned slaves. That’s why I’m a rabbi for racial...

Rabbi Barry H. Block In “The Social Justice Torah Commentary,” Rabbi Brian Stoller describes a turtle-shaped dinner bell that his great-grandmother used to summon a...
Solomon Stevens

Opinion | Rethinking fundraising for Jewish education

By Solomon D. Stevens I get requests for donations to Jewish organizations almost every day. And there is no doubt about it: Almost every request...
James Sinkinson

Opinion | How the Mizrahi Jewish story defeats anti-Zionist mythology

By James Sinkinson Anti-Zionists are fond of claiming that Israel is a colonial enterprise of white Ashkenazi Jews — as though Jews exiled to Europe...
Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Opinion | Larry David has never been more Jewish than in this season’s ‘Curb’

By Andrew Silow-Carroll “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has always been a Jewy show, but this season it is downright Jewish. On the HBO sitcom, now in its...
Ariel Kahana

Opinion | Term limits won’t help with stability

By Ariel Kahana What do Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, Tony Blair and Angela Merkel have in common? They’re all leaders who have gone...
Asher Lovy

Opinion | Orthodox reaction to Chaim Walder allegations must become the norm

By Asher Lovy Allegations of child sexual abuse against Chaim Walder, the author of children’s books beloved in the haredi Orthodox market, and the uncharacteristically...
Deborah Y. Cohn

Opinion | What my research reveals about gift giving

By Deborah Y. Cohn Since my daughters were little, the family Chanukah ritual has been for each to unwrap one gift each night of the...
Rabbi Charles Arian

Opinion | Why would he go for a run on Yom Kippur?

By Rabbi Charles Arian The late Rabbi Richard Israel once published an essay that he later expanded into a book called “The Kosher Pig.” In...