Mijal Bitton

Opinion | Many Jews of color and diverse Jews are politically conservative

By Mijal Bitton | JTA After Joe Biden won the presidency, my liberal friends were aghast that over 70 million Americans voted for Trump. My Syrian,...
Joe Biden

Opinion | On healing and whole stones

By Rabbi Avi S. Olitzky There are so many layers to a transition of power. The rabbis teach us that the reason we do not...
Thanksgiving table

Opinion | We need Thanksgiving more than ever this year

By Daniel Treiman | JTA Americans are in desperate need of some common ground. That’s why, this year, Thanksgiving isn’t coming a day too soon. No...
Danny Danon

Opinion | The president-elect must heed history when managing Iran

By Danny Danon | JNS One of the most crucial issues on the table for the Middle East is Iran. It is very likely that...
Betsy Stone

Opinion | Amid endless fatigue, give yourself a break

By Betsy Stone Depending on how you count, we’re now in month eight of this endless trauma. I’ve been describing it as a bitter Napoleon...
anti-semitism in the dictionary

Opinion | Anti-Semitism, circa 1974 and in 2020

By Alan Ronkin I was just a kid, only 7 or 8. I was walking home from school on a brisk fall day in my kippah and...
Eyal Zisser

Opinion | Biden should watch and learn

By Eyal Zisser | JNS On Election Night, voters went to sleep with U.S. President Donald Trump and woke up with President-elect Joe Biden. Countries in...
Rabbi Joshua Runyan

Opinion | A season of change? Only if we do our part

By Rabbi Joshua Runyan For the first time since ceding the reins of a Jewish newspaper, I was called a traitor last week by a...
Susan Weikers

Opinion | Lifelong lessons for Israel’s future

By Susan Weikers For me, involvement with the state of Israel was prenatal. Even before I was born, right around the time of Israel’s founding,...

Opinion | Bridging technology and education

By Rivki Fialkoff Until last spring, I always started my day by checking my email. Since then, it seems like I walk into a different...