Rabbi Uri Pilichowski

Invincibility Shattered

By Uri Pilichowski My neighbor doesn’t work in an office. He created a niche company that offers adventure experiences to Israelis and visiting tourists. His...

The Split in Israel’s Government Over Palestinian Policy

By Eran Lerman At the Cabinet meeting convened by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sept. 12, one week before he headed to New York...

Secular Israelis Are Mad as Hell

By Benjamin Kerstein During my first year in Israel, My girlfriend and I were taken by a tour guide to Mea She’arim, one of the...

The Oslo Accords at 30: Shaping the Saudi Peace Deal

By Gidi Grinstein Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States seem intent on striking a trilateral deal that includes normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia,...

We Need a Global Campaign to Locate Nazi-looted Art

By David Ben Hooren Museums are often viewed as repositories of culture and history, showcasing the beauty and creativity of humanity. However, behind many works of...
Mitchell Bard

How Good Are US-Israel Relations?

By Mitchell Bard For months, the media narrative has been that U.S.-Israel relations are deteriorating because of tensions between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister...
Gerard Leval

Tossing Out the Melting Pot Gave Us Antisemitism

By Gerard Leval There is a great deal of agonizing going on among many in the Jewish community regarding the alarming increase in antisemitism. Indeed,...
Michael Masters

From Tragedy to Teamwork

By Michael Masters Following the 2018 synagogue attack in Pittsburgh, leaders of the Jewish community came together with technologists, public safety experts, and intelligence and...
Andrew Silow-Carroll

How the Bible Anticipated Israel’s Fight Over the Judiciary

By Andrew Silow-Carroll For those following the judicial reform crisis in Israel, this week’s Torah portion is almost too on the nose. For months now, Israel...
Teenagers at the Western Wall

Strengthening Bonds, Exploring Roots on BZD’s Trip to Israel

By Caren Leven As the executive director of the Baltimore Zionist District, I had the tremendous joy of witnessing a transformative adventure unfold as 24...