Eli Cohen

Opinion | 30 years of peacemaking helped put Crown Heights back together

By Eli Cohen It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Brooklyn last week, when my neighborhood came together for “One Crown Heights,” a day of...
Irving Joseph Abramowitz

Opinion | Remembering Irving Joseph Abramowitz

By Alan A. and Janet M. Abramowitz Our father and father-in-law, Irving Joseph Abramowitz, a World War II veteran and Baltimore City native, died of...
Meggie Wyschogrod Fredman and Belle Etra Yoeli

Opinion | Time to take a page from Silicon Valley and disrupt antisemitism

By Meggie Wyschogrod Fredman and Belle Etra Yoeli We met as bright-eyed junior staffers working at American Jewish Committee’s office in Washington, D.C., six years...
Rivka Nehorai

Opinion | I used to judge ex-Orthodox Jews until I started listening to them

By Rivka Nehorai Ten years ago, I sat shocked watching a new music video from one of my creative Jewish heroes, Matisyahu. Newly married and...
Eyal Zisser

Opinion | Afghanistan: Chronicle of a failure foretold

By Eyal Zisser The last American soldiers are only supposed to leave Afghanistan a month from now, but the Taliban has already reached the capital,...
Simone Biles

Opinion | Simone Biles exemplifies pikuach nefesh

By Hannah S. Pressman At first it seemed like any other morning. I had to get two kids ready for camp (fill water bottles, slather...
Jonathan S. Tobin

Opinion | No easy fix for Israel’s gold-medal civil marriage dilemma

It was an epic Olympic Games for Israel. The Jewish state’s team brought home a record four medals from the Tokyo Olympiad, including two...
Dan Schnur

Opinion | Ben & Jerry’s dispute a sign of growing societal challenge

By Dan Schnur Sometimes an ice cream cone is just an ice cream cone. But sometimes a debate that may seem to be just about...
David Suissa

Opinion | Will the Delta variant spoil the High Holiday comeback?

By David Suissa Just as things were returning to normal, and rabbis across America were eagerly anticipating a full reopening for the High Holidays, the...
Matthew Weinstein

Opinion | Ben & Jerry’s is right: Settlements on Palestinian land aren’t Israel

By Matthew Weinstein Here in Tel Aviv, the announcement by Ben & Jerry’s that they are planning to end sales of their products in West...