How the Abraham Accords took a different path

By Michael Rubin  Albert Einstein supposedly quipped insanity was repeating actions but expecting different results each time. By that definition, America’s Middle East peacemaking has...

How gun violence has touched American Jews

By Tony Zinman All Americans should see the recent film “Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down.” Not only is it an incredibly inspiring story of how...
Amir Avivi

The emerging unholy alliance between Russia, Turkey and Iran

By Amir Avivi Less than a week after U.S. President Joe Biden left the Middle East following a visit that focused on the informal Israeli-Sunni...

Maryland’s embarrassing vote-counting delays

It’s a mess. And there are lots of excuses offered. Some blame it on the pandemic. Others blame it on the governor. And still...
Benjamin Kerstein

The free market would be a disaster for Israel

By Benjamin Kerstein While I was studying at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheva in the early 2000s, I once discussed the Israeli economy...
Andrew Silow-Carroll

How I learned to love the Yiddish revival

By Andrew Silow-Carroll Josh Dolgin, the Canadian rapper and klezmer musician who performs as Socalled, was nearing the end of a raucous, crowd-pleasing set earlier...
Donna Robinson Divine

Judaism can show the way on abortion

By Donna Robinson Divine On the issue of abortion, the war over words is more lethal than the conflict over deeds. Even the terms used...
Benjamin Resnick

Opinion | Looking at the universe through the eyes of God

By Benjamin Resnick Back in December, human beings, a weird variety of uniquely frail, lithe and hairless monkeys, launched into space a new, $10 billion...
Henrique Cymerman

Opinion | Founding a Middle Eastern NATO

By Henrique Cymerman The Middle East is experiencing a geostrategic earthquake, and its epicenter is in Saudi Arabia. This seismic shift is leading to the...
Tamir Hayman

Opinion | Israeli action is more important than Biden’s words

By Tamir Hayman Though not without precedent, U.S. President Joe Biden’s pledge that Iran will never have a nuclear weapon is important. It is significant...