Jon S. Cardin

Opinion | Let us sleep without fear

By Del. Jon S. Cardin My wife and I go to sleep every night without the fear of being woken up by the sound of...
Rabbi Fabian Werbin

Parshat Tetzaveh: The rule of the 99

Rabbi Fabian Werbin Among the kohen’s garments, there is one that always caught my attention: the choshen, or priestly breastplate. On it were attached...
Rabbi Yosie Levine

Opinion | Our morals should compel us to take the COVID-19 vaccine

By Rabbi Yosie Levine A poll released recently by Monmouth University showed that 24% of Americans likely will never get the COVID-19 vaccine if they can...
Shelly Malis

Opinion | The power of relationships

By Shelly Malis I had no idea 17 years ago when I met Heather Harvison, founder and executive director of Sisters Circle, that my life...
Shira Kramer

Student opinion | Coming together over a love of Israel

By Shira Kramer How often do high school students have the opportunity to join hundreds of people who are passionate about the same things they...
Betsy Markman

Opinion | A dispatch from Texas

By Betsy Markman Do you know the scene in Willy Wonka where all four grandparents share the same bed in an effort to keep warm?...
Sarah Bunin Benor

Opinion | Here’s how we can save endangered Jewish languages

By Sarah Bunin Benor I can’t stop thinking about Flory Jagoda, Joseph Sassoon and Kitty Sassoon — three American Jews in their 90s who recently...
Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt

Opinion | What we can learn from Natan Sharansky’s book, ‘Never Alone’

By Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt Natan Sharansky’s most recent book, “Never Alone,” co-authored with Gil Troy, is a must-read for anyone who cares about the American...
Solomon D. Stevens

Opinion | How will Biden approach Israel?

By Solomon D. Stevens In spite of his proclivity for courting right-wing extremists and fanning the flames of prejudice (including Judeophobia) in the United States,...
Donald Ray Schwartz

Opinion | Is Biden good for the Jews?

By Donald Ray Schwartz In days gone by, in the time of a liminal event such as a presidential inauguration, it was common for nervous...