Dr. Itzhak Brook

Opinion | Can we safely have in-person seders?

By Dr. Itzhak Brook Passover creates challenges for those who are looking forward to celebrating the seder in person with friends and family. The availability...
Jillian Axelrod

Opinion | I can’t fast for Jewish holidays without being reminded of diet culture

By Jillian Axelrod At 10 years old, I decided it was time for me to start fasting on Yom Kippur. While most people don’t start...
Eli Bass

Opinion | How we support educators through communities of practice

By Eli Bass It has become cliche to say this is a year like no other, but for educators and school staff, this year continues...
Eyal Zisser

Opinion | A light, and vaccines, unto the nations

By Eyal Zisser The Arab press has highlighted two stories about Israel and the fight against the coronavirus. One was about the vaccines Israel reportedly...
Jon S. Cardin

Opinion | Let us sleep without fear

By Del. Jon S. Cardin My wife and I go to sleep every night without the fear of being woken up by the sound of...
Rabbi Fabian Werbin

Parshat Tetzaveh: The rule of the 99

Rabbi Fabian Werbin Among the kohen’s garments, there is one that always caught my attention: the choshen, or priestly breastplate. On it were attached...
Rabbi Yosie Levine

Opinion | Our morals should compel us to take the COVID-19 vaccine

By Rabbi Yosie Levine A poll released recently by Monmouth University showed that 24% of Americans likely will never get the COVID-19 vaccine if they can...
Shelly Malis

Opinion | The power of relationships

By Shelly Malis I had no idea 17 years ago when I met Heather Harvison, founder and executive director of Sisters Circle, that my life...
Shira Kramer

Student opinion | Coming together over a love of Israel

How often do high school students have the opportunity to join hundreds of people who are passionate about the same things they are? This...