Last Word

Jillian Bar-av

Jillian Bar-av practices herbal medicine

Growing up, Jillian Bar-av didn’t know being an herbalist could be a profession. That was something she learned in her late 20s. Now 48,...
Don Himelfarb

Don Himelfarb’s chapter of community service

When Don Himelfarb, 76, retired from his long-term career in the rental car business years ago, he decided it was time for a new...
Harel Turkel

Harel Turkel is Jewish Community Services’ new board president

Harel Turkel, 40, the new president of Jewish Community Services’ board of directors as of July 1, has a simple message: JCS is here...
Zev Eleff will start a new position as the president of Gratz College in the fall. (Courtesy of Zev Eleff)

Zev Eleff goes from Charm City to Gratz College

This is not the first time that Rabbi Zev Eleff has been featured in the Baltimore Jewish Times. He made an appearance for his...
Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis draws funny

Donna Lewis says that deadlines save her life. Repeated, unbending deadlines. The equivalent of two deadlines a day, every day. That’s her commitment for...
Sheldon Caplis

Sheldon Caplis fundraises for the future

When Sheldon Caplis’ father died in 1964, it was unheard of for African American mourners to come and sit shiva for a local Jewish...
Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg of Beth Am

Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg strives for social justice at Beth Am

Since taking on his leadership role at Beth Am Synagogue, Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg, 45, has devoted much of his time to social justice...
Meredith Weisel

ADL’s Meredith Weisel addresses antisemitism in the wake of Israel-Hamas conflict

The Anti-Defamation League has documented a surge in antisemitic incidents this month, triggered by recent fighting between Israel and Hamas. Protesters have waved signs...
Linda G. Katz

Linda G. Katz is ready to lead CHANA’s board

Linda G. Katz will have a lot to do after she officially becomes the new chair of CHANA on June 16, not the least...
Shelly Hettleman

Shelly Hettleman betters life through policy

By Harry Lichtman Shelly Hettleman has long had an interest in politics, and she’s come far since running for student government in grade school. Hettleman, 56,...