Brian Berele

Playing the kernel of American music: Brian Berele

By Bob Jacobson Pikesville native Brian Berele, 64, majored in history at William & Mary college in Virginia. Though his passion for history endured,...
Oriana Kelemer

You Should Know … Oriana Kelemer

Oriana Kelemer began her education at Yeshivat Rambam, a modern Orthodox Jewish day school that used to be located on Park Heights Avenue. When...
Alycia Edwards and her family

You Should Know … Alycia Edwards

Alycia Edwards, 34, has launched several initiatives during the pandemic. One is MOM BOD, fitness classes for moms, which she started over the summer. In...
Michelle Bar-av

Michelle Bar-av is lifted up by community

Jewish community has been a lifesaver for Michelle Bar-av and her family. When her daughter, Lilah Henderson, was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13,...

Thinking eclectic thoughts: Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan

By Eric Schucht Two years ago, BB&T Bank and SunTrust Bank merged into a single entity: Truist Bank. Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan took note of the...
Rabbi Eric Abbott

You Should Know … Rabbi Eric Abbott

When he was young, Rabbi Eric Abbott grew up in a “Christmas-Chanukah-type household” in Rhode Island, where his family lit Chanukah candles and had...
Debbie Schwartzman

The JCC lady: Debbie Schwartzman

Sometimes, when Debbie Schwartzman, 65, is out at the store, community members recognize her as “the JCC lady.” Schwartzman worked as part of the JCC...
Jacob Shack

You Should Know … Jacob Shack

Jacob Shack, 29, is a violist in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. He grew up in Boston and has been playing instruments since he was 6...
Justin B. Terry Smith

You Should Know … Justin B. Terry Smith

By Leonard Robinson Justin B. Terry Smith, a resident of Severn, is a writer, professor, veteran and longtime activist with a special interest in LGBTQ...

All that jazz: Mitch Mirkin

By Bob Jacobson The annals of American jazz are filled with the names of Jewish players, composers, writers and business people. Yet, in the jazz...