Talia Jordan with her family

You Should Know … Talia Jordan

Talia Jordan, 31, moved to Baltimore this year from New Jersey to act as Beth Tfiloh Congregation’s new director of programming and engagement. Before...
Ian Rashkin

Ian Rashkin makes music

By Bob Jacobson As a musician, Ian Rashkin draws on a diverse palette of genres. When he lived in California, he played Cuban and Puerto...
Kelly Meltzer

Kelly Meltzer supports healers

Though she was raised Catholic in Potomac, Kelly Meltzer, the director of Central Services at LifeBridge Health, has since become a proud member of...
Eli Creeger

You Should Know … Eli Creeger

By Shira Kramer Eli Creeger, 36, started working at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School as an assistant to the athletic department and is now the...
Tamir Goodman in front of an Aviv net

You Should Know … Tamir Goodman

Years ago, the Jewish Jordan — what Sports Illustrated nicknamed Tamir Goodman when he was just 17 years old — shocked Baltimore with his...
Gene Drubetskoy

Gene Drubetskoy’s journey for the American dream

When Gene Drubetskoy was 8 years old, his parents told him they were moving from the Ukrainian city of Kyiv to the local village...
Samantha Kahan Strakes

You Should Know … Samantha Kahan Strakes

As a teenager in  Baltimore, Samantha Kahan Strakes grappled with her Jewish identity. When she traveled to Israel during the summer after her junior...
Allen Abend

Allen Abend documents Baltimore’s art history

By Bob Jacobson Allen Abend’s passion for art and art history has led him to start his own business and to writing several books. A retired...
Sandie Nagel

Sandie Nagel feeds hungry families

In December of 2014, Sandie Nagel was delivering hats, gloves and scarves to children at Baltimore’s Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School, when she asked a...
Alison Kowitz Kaplan

You Should Know … Alison Kowitz Kaplan

Alison Kowitz Kaplan sold insurance until she realized she could make a living from her own kitchen. Now known as Mom the Baker on...