David Engles on Translating Holocaust History

When he was a young boy growing up in Washington Heights in New York City, David Engles’ parents did not often discuss their experiences...
Sam Friedman

Sam Friedman Provides Supplies for the Israel Defense Forces

Sam Friedman was called up as a reservist in the 2006 Lebanon War. Friedman, now a resident of Pikesville, recalled that his unit did...
Hailey Grutman

You Should Know … Hailey Grutman

Hailey Grutman, 22, has cared about the well-being of kids since her years as a camp counselor at Camp Louise. Now, she shares that love...
Harry Kozlovsky

Harry Kozlovsky on Living Through Jewish History

No words. Harry Kozlovsky says there are no sentences or paragraphs he can give to describe his reaction to the attack on Israel by...
Jenna Heisman

You Should Know … Jenna Heisman

Jenna Heisman, 22, is providing support for her students during the ongoing war in Israel. Heisman lives in Glen Burnie and commutes every day to...
Jordan Osterweil

You Should Know … Jordan Osterweil

Proud Franklin High School graduate Jordan Osterweil wants to comfort patients during operations as an anesthesiologist. After growing up in Owings Mills, 21-year-old Osterweil continued...
Morry Zolet

Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership Co-Chair Morry Zolet Supports the Next Generation

When war broke out in Israel over the weekend, Morry Zolet, co-chair of the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership, was in touch with Yehuda Halfon, his counterpart...

Rabbi Joanne Yocheved Heiligman is Motivated by a Love of Judaism

Rabbi Joanne Yocheved Heiligman went through two college majors, psychology and engineering, and then worked in software development. But, she said, “none of it...

You Should Know … Leah Meyers

Sometimes one little Google search can change your life. For Leah Meyers, casually researching law opportunities at her school, Towson University, catapulted her into...

Caren Leven Bridges Israel and Baltimore

Through her work as the executive director of the Baltimore Zionist District, Caren Leven forges bonds between Baltimore and Israel's respective Jewish communities. She is...