Sandie Nagel

Sandie Nagel feeds hungry families

In December of 2014, Sandie Nagel was delivering hats, gloves and scarves to children at Baltimore’s Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School, when she asked a...
Alison Kowitz Kaplan

You Should Know … Alison Kowitz Kaplan

Alison Kowitz Kaplan sold insurance until she realized she could make a living from her own kitchen. Now known as Mom the Baker on...
Lindsay Gaister Montague

You Should Know … Lindsay Gaister Montague

Lindsay Gaister Montague encourages people to celebrate Judaism in whatever way is meaningful for them. At Har Sinai-Oheb Shalom Congregation, she helps people of...
Mandy Diamond

Mandy Diamond creates a balanced work culture

By Lindsay VanAsdalan Mandy Diamond challenges the idea of what it means to be productive in a fast-paced work culture. Diamond, 41, is the founder and...
Steve Venick

Steve Venick and the biggest mitzvah

Steve Venick, the president of the Jewish Cemetery Association of Greater Baltimore, first got involved in taking care of Jewish cemeteries at a young...
Dara Hoffman

You Should Know … Dara Hoffman

One of Dara Hoffman’s favorite pieces of art to make is her “Different Not Less” piece. Using nails and strings, she creates a heart...
Julie Mazer

You Should Know … Julie Mazer

Julie Mazer knows a lot of people in the community. Whether from her days growing up at Temple Oheb Shalom and Har Sinai Congregation...
Hana Bor

Hana Bor educates future Jewish leaders

Hana Bor’s dissertation for her Ph.D. in Jewish studies focused on the relationship between Israel and the United States. For Bor, who grew up in...
Allison Friedman

You Should Know … Allison Friedman

As a graduate of Krieger Schechter Day School who had her bat mitzvah at Chizuk Amuno Congregation, Allison Friedman is returning to her roots...
David Warschawski

David Warschawski leads his marketing communications agency

When David Warschawski, founder and CEO of Warschawski, a national boutique marketing communications agency, began working to establish his new company, he knew he...