Liz Smith and her dog, Koda

You Should Know … Liz Smith

Liz Smith moved to Baltimore in December of 2019 because she felt it was time for a change in her life and because she...

The JVC way: Ashley Pressman

By Harry Lichtman Ashley Pressman is the executive director of Jewish Volunteer Connection, the hands-on volunteer connector for the Baltimore Jewish community. “The mission of the...
Tzvi Haber

You Should Know … Tzvi Haber

In 2010, Tzvi Haber spent his summer as a counselor at Camp Simcha, a program for children with cancer and other illnesses, where each...
Rochel Kaplan

Rochel Kaplan highlights the joy of Judaism

By Haydee M. Rodriguez If Chabad epitomizes welcoming the stranger, Rebbetzin Rochel Kaplan has been a dedicated ambassador. Kaplan supports and advances educational opportunities that highlight...
Rachel Franklin

You Should Know … Rachel Franklin

Like most, Rachel Franklin, 25, is looking forward to businesses and attractions opening back up. Unlike most, part of why she wants them to open...

Dialogue across religious communities: Ben Sax

As the Jewish scholar at The Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies, Beth Am Synagogue member Ben Sax has made it his mission...
Michael Greenebaum

Continuing a family legacy: Michael Greenebaum

Michael Greenebaum’s great-great-grandfather was on a train headed to Washington, D.C., when he got off a stop too early and wound up in Baltimore....
Tzipora and Nadav Korman

You Should Know … Tzipora Korman

Pikesville native Tzipora Korman, 22, is a frontline worker, in more ways than one. She is a critical care technician in the Sinai Hospital emergency...
Brian Berele

Playing the kernel of American music: Brian Berele

By Bob Jacobson Pikesville native Brian Berele, 64, majored in history at William & Mary college in Virginia. Though his passion for history endured,...
Oriana Kelemer

You Should Know … Oriana Kelemer

Oriana Kelemer began her education at Yeshivat Rambam, a modern Orthodox Jewish day school that used to be located on Park Heights Avenue. When...