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One Good Deed Leads to Another

Working to make the world a better place is deeply rooted in Jewish values. For many, Mitzvah Day is a family affair that helps...
Classic Hanukkah sufganiyot filled with strawberry jelly and powdered sugar above (Noam Furer)

Why Do We Eat Jelly Donuts on Chanukah?

Why Do We Eat Jelly Donuts on Chanukah? The answer has everything to do with agriculture, food politics, and — of course — tastebuds Jelly donuts...
Mark Dennis

Baltimore City Hall Menorah Lighting Ceremony Honors Jewish Leaders

More than 50 people gathered in a tightly packed, round Baltimore City Hall Dec. 23 to light the Baltimore City Hall menorah and honor...

Colombia’s Day of the Little Candles Looks an Awful Lot like Chanukah

Jews in Colombia preparing for Hanukkah saw something earlier this month that no doubt looked very familiar. On the night of Dec. 7, streets, plazas,...
h: A contemporary Candelabrum (Menorah, Hebrew: מנורה) in the style of a traditional Menorah. Seen here with eight candles lit (the ninth candle is the service, Shamash, Hebrew: שמש), used during the Jewish Hanukkah holiday, 2014, United Kingdom. Photo by Gil Deke

8 Fun Ways to Incorporate Core Jewish Values Into Your Chanukah

For Jewish children, the excitement of Chanukah is often connected to the promise of receiving gifts — usually one for each of the eight...

Celebrating Chanukah Early in Annapolis

On Dec. 15, Governor Larry Hogan and First Lady Yumi Hogan (pictured top right lighting a chanukiah) presided over the annual Chanukah brunch arranged...

Chanukah Gift Guide 2019

12/10/19 9a.m. This article has been updated to reflect a correction. Shop Local This Chanukah Let the spirit of rising up against Greco-Syrian oppressors inspire us...

Festival Harvests the Joy of Sukkot

Imagine an energetic band blasting tunes, beautiful neon colors swirling in a tent and an awkwardly large bird dancing in crisp air. Behold: an...

Why Sukkot is Like the Love that Glows

On the Shabbat during Sukkot we read of Moshe’s second trip up Mount Sinai. When he returns, something startling happens: Moshe’s face radiates. As...

The Science of Repentance

How well does the Jewish concept of repentance hold up next to modern psychology on personal change?