Celebration of Life, Four Centenarians

Frances Smeyne celebrates 100 years.
Frances Smeyne celebrates 100 years.

FutureCare Lochearn held a celebration of life on July 31 for four of its special residents: Frances Smeyne, 100; Maxine Gray, 100; Emma Ennis, 100 and Elce Caldwell, 103.

The four were joined by about 50 others including fellow residents, friends and family for food, dancing and poetry.

As a part of the event, family members of each of the honorees read a short biography about their relative. Smeyne was joined at the event by her son and his wife, Joel and Linda Smeyne, and her daughter, Rona Seelig.

“This is a great honor, and I’m thrilled to have my mother here at a hundred years of age,” said Joel.

Francis Smeyne was born on July 22, 1915 in Baltimore and graduated from Western High School and married her high school sweetheart. She enjoys playing cards, dancing and eating out.

“Simply stated, my mother has been a very happy woman and a very fulfilled woman,” said Joel, reading his mother’s biography. “I’m glad that myself, my sister, Rona, and my wife, Linda, could be here to celebrate.”

Emma Ennis was born on Feb. 28, 1915 in Virginia and moved to Baltimore at 12. She has four children and three stepchildren. She enjoyed cooking large meals for family gatherings and has a passion for singing and dancing.

Maxine Gray was born on Aug. 24, 1914 and attended Baltimore city public schools. She was happily married for 13 years until her husband passed away in 1968. She is known for her remarkable memory and is close friends with her roommate, Emma.

Elce Caldwell was born on March 7, 1912 in Galveston, Texas. At 17, he left Galveston and moved to Louisiana, where he married. He then moved to California, where he worked in the Naval shipyards. Eventually, he came to Baltimore and worked at the Bethlehem Steel shipyard for 20 years. His granddaughter, who read his biography, describes him as hard working and independent.

“[The party] has been wonderful,” said Francis Smeyne. “For all of this to happen; it’s very exciting.”

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