Chag Sameach, Baltimore


Pesach is finally upon us. The cleaning is done; the search for chametz is complete; the seder table is set; the brisket is cooking. All that is left to do is hide the afikomen and eagerly await our guests.

In this week’s cover story, JT reporter Connor Graham explores how to keep the kids engaged in the seder. He reached out to various members of the Baltimore Jewish community and got their suggestions on how to create a kid-friendly seder.

According to Dan and Chana Grove of Baltimore, the secret is to keep the candy flowing. Sitting behind six or seven bowls of various candies and chocolates, Chana rewards her kids for their questions. “We allow the kids to ask whatever they want. Whenever they ask a question we throw candy at them,” she said.

Laurie and Michael Rosen from Pikesville will host a seder this year where four children under three-and-a-half years will be present. Like the Groves, the Rosen family incorporates candies and snacks throughout the seder. “We make edible plagues,” Laurie said laughing. “We have frog gummies; for lice we have snowcaps; black licorice is for darkness; and for wild animals we have animal crackers.”

Putting together a Passover seder is challenging enough, but add to the mix an interfaith relationship, and making Passover inclusive and meaningful for everyone — children, adults, Jews and non-Jews — can be a hurdle. In “Enjoying Passover Seder With A Mixed Crowd,” JT reporter Susan Ingram investigates how various Baltimore Jewish families and others are rising to this challenge.

Of course the seder table is not complete without wine. JT reporter Victoria Brown introduced JT and Baltimore Style staff members to four different kosher for Passover wines. (SPOILER: one wine is only 7 percent alcohol and perfect for those four glasses of wine we drink at every seder.) Victoria also wrote about how some Baltimore Jews created their own personalized Haggadahs that are both meaningful and unique for their own families.

Be sure not to miss our special Insider section, focusing on the 55+ crowd! And watch our website,, as we begin to place fresh web-only content on throughout the week. (More on that later!)

Happy Passover to all.


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