Charges in Pikesville Shooting Incident Will Be Heard in Circuit Court


Charges against a Baltimore woman accused of harassing and attacking a young Pikesville couple will be heard in Baltimore County Circuit Court in August.

In the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore County on Tuesday, July 16, Judge Robert J. Steinberg granted Stephanie Kamlot a Circuit Court hearing on August 28.

“The ultimate goal here is to consolidate everything that’s pending,” said Marc Snyder, Kamlot’s lawyer. Her charges include second-degree assault, stalking, harassment, destruction of property, fourth-degree burglary and intimidation, some of which are already being heard in Circuit Court.

The charges stem from roughly two years of incidents in which Kamlot is alleged to have placed razor blades under Pikesville resident Leah Efron’s car tires, assaulted her at Seven Mile Market and harassed Efron and her husband, Noam, at their former residence in Pickwick Apartments. In May, Kamlot was arrested after allegedly pulling out a handgun replica and throwing a large rock through a window of the Efrons’ home in the 3100 block of Northbrook Road.

On Tuesday, Kamlot wore a beige pantsuit and spoke briefly with her lawyer before the hearing. Snyder does not expect to have a jury trial, and said Kamlot may plea not criminally responsible, which would leave sentencing up to the judge.

“She needs help,” Snyder said. “I don’t think she needs jail.”

Noam Efron was in court Tuesday morning, but left before the hearing upon learning the charges would most likely be heard at a later date. He said it was a delay tactic, noting that sentencing for the Seven Mile Market assault was also delayed, but can see how having all of the charges together would make the process easier.

“As long as she’s in custody, I’m fine with it,” Efron said.


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