Clinton a Liar


When are you liberal Jews going to wake up?

Hillary Clinton is a liar and has been taking millions of dollars from the U.S. and Israel’s enemies. She gave $150 billion to Iran to spread terrorism. And what is the purpose of having open borders and allowing in hundreds of thousands of illiterate people from all over the world who have no intention of becoming Americans and are only here for the free handouts or to cause harm to America and Americans? Can someone explain this to me?

This woman has promised to raise taxes. Promised! Are you so fond of paying for people who don’t work, paying for their housing, food, medical care and everything else the Democrats can think of to give away with your money? Are you blind or just stupid? Are you so happy with the way Obama has run this country — Black Lives Matter, the assassination of police, ISIS?

Hillary is going to be four more years of this disaster. Are you better off now then you were eight years ago? If you say yes, you are either a liar or just plain ignorant of what is going on in this country.

I take personal offense at a supposed religious magazine pimping for this hateful, corrupt person (“Hillary Clinton for President,” Oct. 14).


  1. Wow, this gentleman has really been to the fountain of Republican hate and innuendo and digested a mammoth portion. I empathize with his inability to either see or hear and wish him a better outcome from his disabilities of hearing and blindness.
    If he could hear or see, then surely the antics and venom of the worst candidate ever would not allow him to support Mr.Trump and his ignorance and bigotry and xenophobia and misogyny.
    Just consider the members of his party and world leaders and heads of American security who have expressed their fear of his being elected.
    Yes, Secretary Clinton may be a flawed candidate under the weight of unproven allegations, but still has the experience and temperament to lead and heal our nation, of which Mr. Trump has neither experience and totally lacking in temperament.
    To elect anyone responsible for the birther movement and unwilling to disclose his tax returns makes of a mockery of our system of government.
    Yet we Democrats will accept the will of the voters in this election, no matter the outcome.

  2. amen to these comments

    never in our history has such a corrupt, yet simultaneously incompetent person run for office

    she has set the middle east in fire; literally, with her ouster of Qaddafi, leading to steven’s murder, civil war, isis, refugees and this was repeated in syria, egypt.

    if you like your foreign policy, you can keep your foreign policy. the email thing, as bad as it is, is only a symptom of the problem!

    please, jews, wake up to what the last eight years have done to us!

  3. Agreed! But hillary in the Big House not the White House and let obama and his cronies who have been traitorous to the U.S. be fully investigated and prosecuted as well!


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