Clinton Corrupt; Trump a Leader


It has been obvious that the Jewish Times has moved to the left politically by ignoring  issues that are important to the Jewish community. By  endorsing Hillary Clinton (“Hillary Clinton for President,” Oct. 14), the JT has ignored the candidate whose policies are in favor of Americans in general and Jews in particular.

Clinton was and is in favor of the horrendous Iran deal that the Obama administration made, which Israel is  totally against. As far as Clinton’s experience, let’s take a look: The whole Middle East is in shambles, and her — and Obama’s — policies have put us at major risk. Look at Syria and the Russians.

While secretary of state, four Americans died in Benghazi, including an ambassador. While secretary of state, Clinton had her own private server in her basement, where classified documents were not protected. And even after a subpoena was issued for her to hand over her emails, she had many of them deleted.

There is experience, and then there is bad experience. She is the epitome of a corrupt politician who has broken so many laws for which any regular American would be in jail if he or she had broken just one of them.

Let’s look at Donald Trump, who the JT says is unqualified. However, he wants to make America great again, and he plans to rebuild our military. This is major. He plans on  taking care of our veterans who have been ignored by the Obama administration. He plans to revise our tax code to create more jobs, including bringing billions of dollars back that large corporations have taken to foreign countries.

He wants to temporarily put a ban on immigrants that we cannot vet from countries that are likely to immerse terrorists into the refugee population.  He wants to build a wall on our Mexican border so that we can keep out illegals who are taking American jobs and who are costing our country millions in school and hospital expenses.

Trump is a leader. Let’s make America great again.

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  1. The choice between the two candidates is clear and while Trump has SAID some questionable things, Hillary has DONE questionable things and promises more of them. ANY JEW who does not use his or her head and vote AGAINST hillary would probably have NOT tried to stop hitler in 1932 in Germany either! WAKE UP!


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