Collapse at Mikvah Construction Site Injures Three

Firefighters leave a mikvah construction site, where a collapsed roof injured three. (Connor Graham)

Three contractors were injured Tuesday afternoon when a partial roof collapsed at Rabbi Taub’s Shul at 3509 Clarks Lane in the Cross Country neighborhood of Northwest Baltimore. According to a Baltimore City Fire Department official on the scene, one of the three contractors was trapped under the rubble for a brief period of time.

Upon completion, the building will serve as the women’s mikvah at Khal Arugas Habosem, also known as Rabbi Taub’s Shul.

By 1:30 p.m., Baltimore City Police vehicles were dispersing and no ambulances were present. John Eid, Baltimore City Fire Department Battalion Chief 5, was still on the scene.

“The building collapsed around 12:02. We were alerted for it, and there was one person still trapped inside between the first floor and the roof level,” said Eid. “We extricated them within 10 minutes. There were two other people injured, a total of three. All were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.”

A Baltimore City Fire Department spokesperson said the three contractors were transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Rabbi Boruch Brull, the shul’s former president who has davened at the synagogue for 41 years, was there surveying the damage.

“The roof collapsed, I’m not sure exactly why. I’m sure they are trying to figure out as we speak. They were so close to being done. This is a real setback for the synagogue,” he said. “Certainly we wish the workers well. Everyone should be well.”


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