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020714_Kornblatt2Susan & Henry Kornblatt
First Date: Aug. 11, 1987
Wedding Date: Nov. 12, 1988
Venue: Beth Tfiloh Congregation
Residence: Pikesville
Favorite Activity: Traveling

Susan Heneson Kornblatt’s favorite number is eight.

So it was fitting that on Aug. 8, 1987, the not-yet Mrs. Kornblatt attended a singles dance at the Owings Mills JCC. It was there that she reconnected with Henry Kornblatt, a former Pikesville High School classmate.

They had known “of” each other.

At the next event, they chatted again. Susan had seen the list of attendees and noticed Henry’s name as a JCC nonmember. She asked him about joining the center, and he questioned whether she was there as a single woman or a staff member.

It was both.

Henry called Susan the next morning to invite her to Sunday brunch, but she had plans. But she countered that “she’d like to get together another time.”

A few days later, Henry appeared, flowers in hand, and they dined at a restaurant in Greenspring Station.

“It was a natural fit, and we just kept going,” said Henry, 56, a commercial real estate developer.

After dating for a while, they compared notes on singles functions and realized they had been to four or five of the same events.

“I was swept off my feet,” said Henry about reconnecting with Susan, who he remembers as smart, witty, beautiful and charming. “She still is, and I’m still swept off my feet.”

A few months went by; they professed their love for each other and began talking about their future.

On April 30, 1988, Henry took Susan to dinner. After he presented a ring, tears streamed down Susan’s face. She remarked that he must have a question to ask. He did, and she said, “Yes.”

Henry chose April for its diamond birthstone. It took him until the last day of the month to work up the nerve. And to honor Susan’s affinity for the number eight, he surrounded his grandmother’s diamond with seven smaller diamonds for a total
of eight.

020714_KornblattThey married on Nov. 12, 1988 at Beth Tfiloh Congregation with Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg and Cantor Abraham Denberg officiating.

“It all felt so right,” said Susan, also 56, brand marketing specialist for Halo Branded Solutions. After a Hawaiian honeymoon, they settled in Pikesville.

More than 25 years later, the Kornblatts are preparing to become empty nesters in the fall, as twins Sheri and Ilana head to college; Jason will begin his senior year at Towson University.

Since they were first married, they’ve made sure to support each other’s careers and have date nights — dining out or listening to jazz.

In November, they celebrated their milestone anniversary with a weekend in Washington and a romantic dinner. This summer, they will take a trip to San Francisco.

Both believe communication is key to a successful marriage.

“Couples have to keep communicating,” said Henry. “If you don’t talk about issues, they become problems later on.”

Linda L. Esterson is an Owings Mills-based freelance writer. For “Beshert,” call 410-902-2305 or email

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