Crazy Women Creek


062113_mishmash_bookVirginia Hull Welch
Virginia Welch 2013, 400 pages

James Rose rode into the Wyoming prairie one stormy Saturday night in 1880 and did not return. Did his wife kill him, was he teaching her a lesson, or did he have an enemy he was trying to escape?

You will be hooked from the first page, as James’ wife, Lenora, reports him missing to the sheriff. In accordance with the Homestead Act, if James does not return within six months, she will lose the ranch and their dream.

I was instantly captivated by the mystery. This story tells the journey of Lenora as she searches for her lost husband while caring for the ranch. Along the way, she develops a love interest in the sheriff’s deputy.

The story takes many unexpected twists and turns. And the reader explores a Wild West world, when going to town to pick up groceries was a long day’s journey and when loneliness was plentiful.

I thoroughly enjoyed this simple and charming G-rated story. If you like romance and want to step into another world for a spell, I recommend “Crazy Women Creek.”

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