Diaspora Is Connected


Allan C. Brownfeld of the American Council for Judaism says, “American Jews are American by nationality and Jews by religion” (Letters, Aug. 24). True, but incomplete. Many of us also believe we are part of (and belong to) a people with a 3,000-plus year religious and national history.

Everyone alive today in the United States and throughout the Western Hemisphere (even those whose ancestors were here in 1492) can trace their ancestry back to Africa, Asia or Europe. All recent DNA testing companies confirm this widely known fact.

Of course, the United States is the homeland of any person born here but those people also have other, more distant but meaningful homelands they can identify with and support anyway they like.

We all have many preferences and this is not an either/or situation. Many patriotic American Jews feel a connection to the Jewish State of Israel and to Jews in France, the U.K., Argentina and many other countries. If Jewish people in those countries are in trouble, most U.S. Jews want to help. But not all, as evidenced by Mr. Brownfeld’s letter and the organization which he represents.

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