Do I Need One?


092013_sacks_brianWith the rise of mobile marketing and integration, many of our clients ask about the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website. The question is no longer whether you need a mobile marketing plan, but what methods will be most effective.

It is being predicted that in the next 12 months more people will be searching on their mobile devices than on desktops. The job of your business is to make sure you are being seen by those who are searching for you and that you are easy to connect with.

How do you decide which way to go?

For new customers: If the challenge for your business, practice or organization is getting new clients, then you need a mobile website. People are searching for your services and products on their phones, and if you don’t have a mobile site you are not easy to find. It’s also important to realize that a person who is searching on his/her phone is typically someone who needs you now. No one searches the app store; an app won’t help.

For returning customers: Since mobile apps must be downloaded, they often appear on your phone as an icon. This continues to brand your business with your existing customers. Your existing customers are the easiest ones to sell to since you have already invested in bringing them in and making them happy. Mobile apps also allow you to send your customers a push notification, which will appear as a text message on their mobile devices and engage them with future offers and benefits.

Quick compare and contrast:
• Mobile app advantages: easy to use; useable offline; integrates with smartphone features; has the power of the Apple store behind it; and is faster than a mobile website.

• Mobile websites advantages: doesn’t require download; has a simple design that makes it easy to navigate; can be developed and approved faster so you can reach the market quicker; and can reach a larger audience since the site is available via search to anyone.

The bottom line is that most businesses and practices can benefit from both, but if there is a choice for an immediate return on investment, the mobile website is the way to go.

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