Do Jews Stand Alone?


We have passed the tipping point (“Why Left-Wing  Anti-Semitism Matters,” March 9). Inflammatory, anti-Semitic rhetoric has  become acceptable and receives  little coverage from the press and few condemnations from our leaders. Defaming other minorities is not tolerated. But vilifying Jews has become mainstream.

We believe in peace and advocate for equal rights. Jews supported the civil rights movement and many other causes advancing the rights and needs of minorities. But there has been very little reciprocity. We stand with them, but they do not stand with us. Yet again, we are targeted with in-your-face anti-Semitism and find ourselves under threat and without friends.
This may be the time for a major change. Maybe we should be thinking more about ourselves and which causes and which candidates to support. Which leaders stand with us? Which do not?
Your dollars count. Your votes count.


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