“Holocaust Soliloquy” Documentary On Holocaust Survivor Wins Emmy


Filmmaker and owner of Globalist Films Peter Musurlian received a Los Angeles Area Emmy on July 27 for his documentary, titled “Holocaust Soliloquy,” about Hungarian Holocaust survivor Peter Fischl, a “hidden child of the Holocaust.” This was Musurlian’s third Emmy Award.

The 52-minute documentary tells Fischl’s story of surviving the Holocaust. Fischl was 13 when the Holocaust began; his father was among the Hungarian Jews rounded up and killed. 

Fischl eventually made it to the United States. In the 1970s, he wrote a poem titled “To the Little Polish Boy Standing with His Arms Up,” inspired by a haunting photo of a young boy in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. Fischl used the poem as his own personal therapy, and later on as a way to educate children on the seriousness and severity of the Holocaust.

The documentary follows Fischl over the span of two decades. He shares his story and teaches tolerance to students across the United States, using his poem to help children understand the severity of the Holocaust.

Musurlian also followed Fischl to Europe, accompanying him as Fischl revisited the locations in Budapest where he hid. They also went to Auschwitz to see the place where the boy in the photo Fischl’s poem was inspired by is thought to have died.

The documentary first aired three months after Fischl’s death in February 2018 on Sunday, May 27, 2018. It was shot, written and edited entirely by Musurlian. The film also received a First Place Los Angeles Press Club Award for Best Videography.

The full documentary is available to watch on YouTube.

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  1. What a spectacular and epic documentary. Holocaust survivor Peter Fischl was a wonderful human being with an amazing story that came to life in this film. It is worth an hour of your time to watch it online!!! Thanks for the Baltimore Jewish Times for letting us know about it.


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