Don’t Forget about the Groom!


Weddings, at least those traditional ones of one man and one woman, are often seen as the bride’s day. But there are two people entering this partnership, and not only can grooms be more involved in planning, but there are now services that cater to them and their groomsmen (and groomswomen, as the case may be).

First things first: the tux. Now, there’s not as many options on design and accessories for men as for women and dresses, but Scott Furman of Tuxedo House said, there’s still a lot to put together.

Tuxedo House, Furman said, actually has its inventory all in-store so that grooms and groomsmen can try on different options and pick the one that suits them best — much like how a bride might go try on dresses at a bridal boutique.

“Every groom should have the opportunity to try on different styles of tuxedos so he feels comfortable with what he wears on his wedding day,” Furman said.

Men these days are going for a very classic, well-fitted look, Furman said. Dark colors, classic cut, slim-fitting. And, actually, it doesn’t have to be black.

“Navy tuxes are the new black,” Furman said.

Furman said they also offer a number of white, off-white or cream accessories to match the bride — think pocket square, cummerbund or suspenders.

Once the outfit is figured out, the groom knows he and his groomsmen should look fully, well, groomed. That’s where The QG comes in. The QG is a barber shop, cigar lounge, spa, bar and tailor all wrapped into one and offers group service packages that many on the groom’s side of the wedding party can take advantage of, said Amanda Jackson, store manager, director of membership and event coordinator for The QG.

“There’s not a lot of opportunities for groomsmen,” she said. “There’s so many options out there for bridal parties, but people tend to forget about the groomsmen.”

The QG is close to downtown Baltimore, which makes it easier for the groom’s party to walk over from other venues. Often, Jackson said, the groom and groomsmen will get haircuts and straight razor shaves or beard trims and perhaps a massage before enjoying the cigar lounge or bar. There’s even a golf simulator, so all stereotypical manly interests are met.

The group services from The QG are meant to be similar to bridal party outings to a salon and spa before the wedding to get hair and makeup done. The QG has been offering these for a few years now, and they’ve proved popular. Now that spring has fully sprung, the demand will rise as wedding season gets into full swing.

Weddings are meant to be a celebration of love and commitment. But before the festivities, now both the bride and groom can make the most out of putting together their looks.


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