Don’t Forget Obama Effect on Pro-Israel Attitudes


While a recent editorial identified many possible factors that could explain the partisan discrepancy when it comes to pro-Israel views, it failed to mention what, in my opinion, is the most significant factor — the previous presidential administration (“The New Pew Study,” Feb. 2).

Former President Barack Obama’s foreign policy was a disaster, especially with regard to its effects on the U.S.-Israel relationship, treating Israel more as a foe than as America’s most reliable and loyal ally. Most of the dramatic downturn in Democratic support for Israel over the past 40 years occurred during Obama’s eight years in office.

The “progressive” left wing of the Democratic Party, which unfortunately includes many liberal Jewish Democrats, followed and still follows Obama’s aberrant foreign policy path, much as proverbial lemmings follow their leaders over the cliff. In my opinion, they can be aptly described as “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” (to paraphrase Thomas Paine’s famous words) when it comes to their shallow affinity toward Israel and fundamental Zionist principles.

With regard to the affinity between the American Jewish community and Israel, these are truly “the times that try men’s [and women’s] souls.”


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  1. As a matter of fairness, what Caroff should have noted is that the Trump Administration is continuing the same (Obama) Middle East foreign policy which he so gleefully condemns. Thus (Washington Post op-ed, March 3):

    ” Washington demanded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad relinquish power. We here in Washington, under President Barack Obama, put CIA forces on the ground in 2013 to train moderate Syrian rebels opposed to Assad, only to have them pulled out — to the delight of a demanding Russia — by an accommodating President Trump. The program under Obama was widely derided as ineffective, but no one wanted it ended more than Vladi­mir Putin. “

  2. R.P. Goetz zogt emes!

    Per usual, Caroff (and Mort Klein) is way off base. As TABLET magazine’s (March 2) Liel Liebowitz)notes:
    “What is not in dispute is Trump’s abysmal record in the Middle East, particularly when it comes to the security of the State of Israel.
    Donald Trump’s policies are having a wildly negative impact on Israel’s security, and, if unchanged, are likely to cost many Israeli lives. I am also saying, although it should be obvious, that Trump’s rhetoric is not matched in any way by the actions of his administration and its officials on the ground. In other words, he is a con man, of a particularly dangerous and virulent kind.
    Today, more than a year into the Trump administration, the Iran deal is a done deal, with the State Department and the Pentagon acting as the prime defenders of Iran’s glide-path to a nuclear bomb as well as of the Iranian-led political order in the Middle East that it has brought into being. Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is now a fact, with the Saudis and the Egyptians promising to develop their own nuclear bombs to counter Iran. The nauseating and heart-wrenching genocide of Sunni Muslims in Syria continues, aided and abetted by the pro-Iranian and pro-Russian strategic alignment of the U.S., which Obama created and Trump has all but finished cementing.
    When it comes to Iran, the main difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama is that Iran has vastly strengthened its position on Israel’s borders in both Syria and Lebanon, to the point where an incredibly bloody and destructive war now seems inevitable between Israel and Iranian proxies armed with over 200,000 missiles. While some of us might like to call it Obama’s War, the fact is that when it comes, it will likely be Trump’s to fight.”

  3. As a matter of full disclosure, it should have been noted that Marc Caroff has served as the head of the Washington area chapter of the Adelson-funded fringe group the Zionist Organization of America- whose ignorant and prejudiced (anti-two-state) position he parrots here. This is the same ZOA which has feted Holocaust trivializer Glenn Beck and supported alt-right kingpin Steve Bannon, And was kicked out of Bawlmer because of its shameful treatment of Jim Schiller!


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