Don’t Jeopardize Progress


The success of U.S.-Iran negotiating efforts demonstrates that when our nations commit to serious diplomacy, historic progress is possible (“Analysis: A Closer Look At The P5+
1-Iranian Agreement,” Nov. 29). The United States and Iran are in reach of a deal to guard against a nuclear-armed Iran and a devastating war. Congress should not sabotage this diplomatic victory with new sanctions and saber rattling measures that would jeopardize the progress our diplomats have worked so hard to achieve. I hope Sen. Ben Cardin and Sen. Barbara Mikulski vote against new sanctions, and will publicly support these efforts toward a diplomatic resolution of the decade-long standoff over Iran’s nuclear program.

Julia and Donald C. Erickson

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  1. Last Wednesday, the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce, hosted a meeting with our local political leaders to discuss issues relevant to businesses and constituents in the Baltimore County and NW Baltimore areas. Educational programming , praises for BCPS CEO Dr. Dance, senior housing and services, the development of Wegman’s and the disintegration of Owings Mills mall and solutions to revitalize it, protection of businesses in the Reisterstown Rd development area so they do not flee with increased competition, redistricting issues, fairness storm taxes on businesses, protection of citizens when attacked by dogs other then pit bulls(now the only dog where the owner is liable), and so much more. It was helpful to know and hear first hand from Bobby Zirkin, Delegate Dana Stein, Delegate Dan Mornhaim, MD, and Vicki Almond. Thanks to the Chamber and to all who attended such an informative session. I recommend that business owners in Pikesville join our Pikesville Chamber of Commerce, so your voice can be heard powerfully with us as a group of citizens invested in seeing Pikesville succeed economically, educationally, and with safety and minimal crime.


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