EATS Chaim

The event featured the fully electric Tesla sports car.
Event host Linda Hurwitz spoke about the impact of Etz Chaim on Jewish Baltimore.
Musicians Doni Donaty and Pinny Schachter set the background music for the evening.
Visitors could pick up new information about Etz Chaim.
Etz Chaim supporters schmoozed in the beautiful summer weather.

Supporters dined outside and listened to Etz Chaim professionals speak about the organization’s future in the community. (Photos by David Stuck)

“Good food. Cool cars.”

Those four words, from 22-year-old Adam Leve, may not have completely summed up Etz Chaim’s Raise the Steaks last Sunday night, but they were certainly two key highlights that helped draw more than 150 men to the upscale event.

Hosted at the Pikesville home of Steve and Linda Hurwitz, Raise the Steaks featured a viewing of two Tesla Motors electric convertibles, pounds upon pounds of fresh-grilled steaks, wine and beer tasting and several sports-themed raffle prizes.

Each element of the affair, said Etz Chaim’s Yisroel Porter, was designed to create a “signature event” that would attract some of the rising young men in Jewish Baltimore and educate them about Etz Chaim’s role within the community.

“Etz Chaim has undergone a revitalization and a renewed focus of energy toward college students, young professionals and young men with children. We have a whole division devoted to this demographic,” said Porter, director of the organization’s young family division. “Ahavat Yisrael, a love for every Jew, has always been the cornerstone. But a new generation requires a totally new toolbox.”

Event speakers included Etz Chaim Dean/President Rabbi Shlomo Porter, Etz Chaim Executive Director Rabbi Nitzan Bergman and Linda Hurwitz.

Ilan Roth, 26, also spoke about how stumbling upon Etz Chaim helped connect him with his Judaism and transformed the concept of being Jewish “from an adjective to a verb.”

“The fact that Etz Chaim opened its doors to someone like myself who didn’t grow up observant at all — its importance as a resource cannot be understated,” Roth said.

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