Etz Chaim Gets Down


Thank you for the stunning and genuine portrayal of the Etz Chaim Center (“Tree of Life,” Nov. 29). We love what we do, and we’re so proud and happy to let people know that Jewish hearts everywhere are being touched. Just as the article was going to print we had an epic event that I thought your readers would love to know about. Organized by two passionate 20-somethings who grew up in Baltimore, WOW!’s Chanukah Experience brought about 100 young Jews to The Get Down dance club on the eighth night of Chanukah.

We took over the entire club and decked it out with sufganiyot and driedels, poker tables, a photo booth and our own DJ. When the lights went out, we gathered everyone together, lit the candles, sang the blessings and handed out presents. The unity was palatable, and the authenticity of the moment charged the place with Jewish pride like nothing else could.
Rivka Malka Perlman


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