Eugene Divinsky


On October 7, Eugene Divinsky at 45. He is survived by parents Alex and Tatyana Divinsky; sister Irina and her husband Ian; and nephew Caddie, as well as his aunts, uncle, cousin and countless friends.

When Eugene immigrated to the United States with his family in December 1988, it was a difficult assimilation process. With his stellar fashion sense, quick wit and a love for jokes, he quickly made friends; these skills served him well throughout his life. Friendship was important to Eugene; he excelled at not only making friends but being a great friend. With his love of gab, sense of loyalty and openness, he made lasting connections with people. Those lucky to know Eugene knew a genuine, generous, easy-going and fun-loving human being. Eugene truly cared about people; he loved them for who they were and did what he could for them without guile or seeking anything in return. While he struggled these last few years with his health, he always approached life with a sense of wonder and adventure.

He lived and enjoyed life in the moment, often without regard for risk or consequence, which occasionally got him into trouble. Eugene was ever the entrepreneur, always seeking new opportunities to make his mark on the world. He was not only a foodie; he loved to cook for and host his friends. He loved to travel and explore the world. Eugene had an ever-present smile with a warmth, depth and intelligence behind it that drew people to him. Eugene had so much goodness, so much capacity to bring happiness to others and such a bright future. The world is a lesser place without him.

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