Virtual Tour of Jewish Timisoara, Romania

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Date(s) - Tuesday, April 20, 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Join the Baltimore Zionist District with Travel to Live Jewish Online Tours to explore Jewish Timisoara, Romania. We will visit places in the old city where the Jewish Community started during the Ottomans’ rule, the Sephardic Jewish quarter, arriving of the first Ashkenazim, the Great Synagogue inaugurated by the Austrian Emperor 150 years ago, and many stories, places, and buildings. Together with the tour guide, we will stroll live through the streets of Timisoara, learning about Jewish life and about 500 years of local history.

Timisoara, the Banat province’s capital city in western Transylvania, is one of the most vibrant multicultural cities in Europe. Formerly known as Temesvar, having a history of 200 years in the Ottoman empire, 200 years in the Austro-Hungarian empire, and the most recent 100 years in Romania, Timisoara is home to 15 nations living together in peace for centuries, sharing values and aspirations. The once-flourishing Jewish community of Timisoara shaped much of the city’s progress before WW2, with its architecture, industry, science, and culture.

Travel to Live is a tour operator and travel company, globally promoting Transylvania and its Jewish heritage, working with local professionals and organizations to convey and deliver an authentic experience. By building and developing a network of museums, institutions, NGOs, and professionals, Travel to Live is actively involved in revealing and preserving Jewish heritage in all important centers of Jewish life and the region’s history.

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