Fault Lies with Arabs


Steven Krubiner’s criticisms of Netanyahu and his policies as the source of continued strife between Israel and the Arabs sound childish (“Clear Choice,” Jan. 2). The infant thinks family conflict is caused by his actions, and if he is good, this will solve mommy and daddy’s problems.

Israeli actions are secondary. Most blame for continued hostility lies with the Arabs, who do not accept that a Jewish state called Israel exists and will continue to do so.  Boundaries, refugees’ status, Jerusalem and other issues can be settled once Arabs realize the wars of 1948 and 1967 are over. Israel won, they lost, and it is long past time to deal with this reality. Peace is in the Arabs’ interest, and Netanyahu shouldn’t have to bribe them with prisoner releases or settlement freezes just to get negotiations underway. Or the Arabs may choose to continue the “struggle.”  If so, despite Krubner’s lamentations, Israel will survive, even without a two-state solution, as it has for 67 years.

Israel wants peace, but it is the Arabs who have the power to make peace. For the Israelis to just be “good little Jewish boys and girls” by electing the Herzog-Livni ticket, as Krubner wants, won’t do it.  The Arabs (and Iran) must decide they finally want to end their conflict with the Jewish state once and for all.

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