Flashback: Lydia Seidler


021315_insider_flashback1Lydia Seidler, 23, of Pikesville is no stranger to summer camp adventures. The assistant manager of Quarry Wine and Spirits has spent summers at White Pine Camp in Ontario, Canada; B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp in Lake Como, Pa.; Camp Betsey Cox in Pittsford, Vt; and three summers at Capital Camps in Waynesboro, Pa.

What did you like best about Capital Camps?
I liked the freedom of activities that you could do. When I was in the Leaders-in-Training program, we went to Disneyworld for a week to learn about activities we could do with younger kids [through Disney’s Youth Education Series]. Then we came back and worked with the younger campers and made up events for them to do during the summer.

What is something you learned at camp?
Capital Camps taught me to conquer my fear of heights. My first summer at camp, my sister was the counselor for the ropes course. She’s kind of afraid of heights, too, so I figured if she could do it, I could do it. My second summer at camp, I completed the late-night zip-line run across the lake. I had to teach myself that I could do this, that I wasn’t going to drown. I did it — it was really cool (and really cold).

021315_insider_flashback2What are some camp traditions you remember fondly?
Every Friday night we would do Israeli dancing. All the girls would wear white shirts and clean jeans and for the guys, shirts turned inside out and whatever jeans were on hand. There was this one song called “Moshiach” and all the macho camp counselor guys would jump up on the stage, dance and go wild for the song.

How do your Jewish camp experiences compare to your summer at Betsey Cox?
Betsey Cox is more into the whole nature concept. For instance, they had a cabin where they had a large loom for weaving, and they taught us how to make ice cream and bread from scratch. Capital Camps was more of a vacation, have fun and do what you want. They had drama, a ropes course — all of the typical kind of camp activities.


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