Laurie Rosen (Photo provided)

Pikesville native Laurie Rosen has plenty of memories from summer camp. After all, she was a camper and counselor for eight years, from age 8 to 16. Now 30, the Pikesville High School and University of Delaware graduate who works as a financial loan consultant for her father’s company, HFS Financial in Reisterstown, attended Beth Tfiloh Camps, Gerstung, Camp Louise and Camp Seafarer. She also was a counselor at BT and Gerstung. Rosen lives in the Pikesville/Mount Washington area with her husband Mike, a dentist from Suffern, N.Y., who did not attend summer camp. The couple met on JDate and married in May 2014.

INSIDER:What did you like most about your summer camp experience?
Laurie: I enjoyed making friends and doing all the activities. At Camp Seafarer, which was right on the water in North Carolina, I did all sorts of water sports. It exposed me to lots of new things that I wouldn’t have tried if I hadn’t gone to camp. I remember packing the trunk every summer and sending it off. It was always exciting.

Any bad memories?
There’s always a little homesickness at the beginning.

Was it different being at Jewish summer camps like Beth Tfiloh and Camp Louise, as opposed to non-Jewish camps such as Camp Seafarer?
Camp Seafarer was a YMCA Camp, but non-denominational and not at all religious. In fact, there was a whole group of Jewish people from Pikesville who went there. It was interesting to have both experiences.

Laurie Rosen and husband, Mike. (Photo provided)

Do you keep in touch with camp friends?
Yes, I email and stay connected on Facebook. Last year, when we were traveling back from Florida to Baltimore I took my husband to Camp Seafarer to show him everything. He learned to tie figure-eight knots while wewere there.

If you have kids, do you expect to send them to summer camp?
Yes, I will definitely send my kids.

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