Flavor Forecast 2012


Wonder what’s “hot” for 2012? Baltimore-based McCormick and Company, the international spice and seasoning manufacturer, recently released its 2012 flavor forecast.

Developed by an international team of McCormick chefs, sensory scientists, trend trackers marketing experts and food technologists, the following are some of those trends:

1. Honoring Roots: Chefs are celebrating a
cuisine’s roots, whether through an ingredient combination or a cooking method. With a focus on global cooking, they are preserving regional flavors while adding a new perspective that balances modern tastes with cultural authenticity.
Try: Korean Pepper Paste with Sesame, Asian pear and Garlic on Korean BBQ Wings.

2. An Emphasis On Vegetables: With an increased emphasis on farmers’ markets and seasonal produce, vegetables star as entrees and side dishes.
Try: Eggplant with Honey and Harissa [a North African condiment].

3. Combining Flavor with Good Health: Personal well-being is intersecting with bold flavor. Red tea, known as rooibos in its native South Africa, is emerging as a flavor in a wealth of dishes.
Try: Red Tea-Smoked Sea Bass with Cinnamon Caramelized Plums

4. Simplicity: Chefs are also looking at using quality ingredients in simple preparations, celebrating basic flavors.
Try: Ginger with Coconut


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