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As someone who was also previously featured in the “Beshert” column with my Jewish wife, I must add my disappointed voice to Seth S.’s well-written letter (“Intermarriage a Disappointment,” Feb. 7). Although the JT does not bill itself as a “religious” organization, its admirable goal is to “build and strengthen the Jewish community,” and it serves as a public face for the Jewish community to many.

Focusing a well-regarded column on intermarried couples, and not on the myriad Jewish marriages that occur monthly in Baltimore, does not even come close to achieving this goal. Sadly enough, it deters from strengthening the community by making it the norm to consider intermarriage these days.

If the JT purports to “build andstrengthen the Jewish community,” it should publicly disavow itself from intermarriage, rather than overtly advertise it in its pages.

Joshua Friedman

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