Food Frenzies: Catering Trends Today


“people are getting away from formal dinners.”

— Alan Weiss, Catering by Alan Weiss

Like anything else, from fashion to art to socially acceptable amounts of facial hair, wedding choices are a matter of taste. Nothing depends more on taste than the food served.  However, tastes change as regularly as the seasons. Last year’s hot can be this year’s not.

To get you up to speed on the latest catering trends, the JT talked to local catering companies to give you the skinny on what will keep your food fashionable.

Catering by Alan Weiss

…has seen a change from formal to more casual presentation.

“For all kinds of events, whether it’s an anniversary or wedding or mitzvah, people are getting away from formal dinners,” said owner Alan Weiss. He said his clients prefer parties with stations that they can go up to at their leisure for specific food items.

“Taco stations are popular,” Weiss said. “We’ve created a list of 20 different stations from sushi, to slider stations, to wing bars, to a crepe station, to an Israeli station.”

Catering by Alan Weiss

He also thinks “the crescendo of a party is again moving away from the formality of served dessert to a dessert bar.” To that end, Kosher Catering offers gourmet cotton candy, mini cupcakes, and more.

“People like getting up. They’re at a party, they want to go get what they want when they want it and walk around.”

Weiss said he loves working with newlyweds to manifest their visions.

“We create something that speaks to who they are. I’m having more fun now than in the last 20 years, it’s just a fun time!”

Ridgewells Catering

…noticed that their popular offerings, which are less formal dinners, suggest a yearning for more homey meals.

Ridgewell’s hasselback

“We’re seeing a lot more couples opt for family style dinners,” said Creative Director Amy Lewerenz. “Many couples are doing a plated first course to get guests to the table, make their welcome, give toasts, etc.,” she said.

Then, they’re opting to serve a family style main course with two to three proteins and three to four side dishes. This gives guests the variety of a buffet with the formality of a seated dinner, and it’s a nice way to get guests talking and engaging with each other throughout the meal.

“Of course, it also helps to have that variety so there are options for guests’ preferences and dietary restrictions. In addition, while not a new trend, we do still see guests opting for late night snacks, and they’ve gone far beyond sliders and fries,” she observed. “Mini milk shakes and pancakes have been some fun ones we’ve seen lately.”

Ridgewells Catering has been offering and taste testing a delicious dover sole and a butternut squash, pictured here.

Catering by Alan Weiss

Eddie’s of Roland Park

prides itself on unique or nontraditional celebrations. The caterer recently served one of their own staff, Jared Earley, for his own wedding. Earley has noticed an “uptick in nontraditional and DIY-style wedding celebrations.” He said, “Customers appreciate
the breadth of options that Eddie’s of Roland Park offers, from fancy to casual, and the fact that we’ll deliver to any reception venue, including backyards, campsites, and swimming pools!” he said.

Eddie’s salmon


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