For Shame!


Yasher koach, Mr. Weissman, for your letter denouncing a local appearance by Frank Luntz (April 27).

Think about it. When does a rabbi deliver a formal sermon during a religious service: only on the Sabbath or festivals or the High Holy Days. As disreputable as Jewish law may regard gambling normally, such conduct on Mr. Luntz’s part is even more egregious — indeed, absolutely deplorable — to have been engaged in on those sacred occasions.

And consider the example which Mr. Luntz’s behavior sets for our children, one of whom wrote in April 27’s “Jewish View” that “the Torah teaches us to treat and respect the people around us the way we want to be treated,” including, and especially, those with whom we happen to disagree. Yet Mr. Luntz’s successful career is proof that it is OK and not wrong to categorically demonize others; more so, he is held in high esteem and regard by the Baltimore Jewish Council and The Associated for doing so.



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