For The Record


So there are no misunderstandings or false impressions about what I stated in a recent Jewish Times article (“Fusion of Faiths,” June 21), let me state it clearly and for the record: If the Jewish community does not act now and educate both our current leaders and those of tomorrow, so-called Messianic Judaism will become an accepted branch of Judaism within 20 years. I say this as a warning and not … that we should accept it. Quite the contrary! Jews for Judaism, the only full-time international organization that monitors and educates the community about missionary groups that target Jews for conversion, has worked for 30 years to combat the encroachment of Hebrew Christianity and so-called Messianic Judaism. We see daily the destruction and pain this movement has caused thousands of Jewish individuals and families who have been preyed upon relentlessly by missionaries and so-called “friends” who wish to “save our souls.” The acceptance of these groups and this movement into the Jewish community will be self-destructive and irrevocable.

Today’s young adults, who will be tomorrow’s leaders, embrace the concept of unfiltered pluralism and do not understand what is wrong with Hebrew Christianity. With limited Biblical and theological knowledge of either the Jewish and Christian faiths, they do not see that one cannot be both Jewish and Christian at the same time and still maintain the integrity and core values of our religion. We cannot continue to blur the lines between the two to make a new Judaism. We must draw the line and understand that Hebrew Christianity is no more than Christianity dressed in a kippah.

Ruth Guggenheim
Executive DirectorJews for Judaism Baltimore/Washington

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