Four Wines for Your Seder Table

Editor Cathi Sinsabaugh, staff reporter Victoria Brown and art/production designer Rachel Levitan share a toast to great wine at the JT. (David Stuck Photo)

It’s the classic dilemma. You’re at the wine store, trying to pick from the dozens of choices available. But how do you decide what is good? By price? By which has the hardest-to-pronounce name? By the one with the fanciest label? No more!

Choose your Kosher for Passover Seder wine with confidence. At the JT, we tasted four different Kosher for Passover wines so you don’t have to.


The Reds

David Stuck Photo

Zmora Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Notes: This Israeli wine is sweet with a smooth acidic finish. A perennial favorite in many kosher households, this cabernet sauvignon has notes of blackberry and cherry jam.

You’ll like it if: You like dessert wines, like port; you are looking for a wine with a balance of sweetness and acid.

David Stuck Photo

Tres Buhis Tempranillo

Tasting Notes: This wine from Spain is much drier than the Zmora. It has stronger note of acidity on the palate at first sip, but rounds out nicely on the finish.

You’ll like it if: You enjoy classic Pinot Noir flavors with a hint of acidity; you’re looking for a sophisticated wine at affordable prices.

The White

David Stuck Photo

Pavolino Pino Grigio

Tasting Notes: This Italian white wine has a great balance of sweetness and dryness. It has a great bouquet with floral and peppery notes.

You’ll like it if: You favor balanced wines with complex floral notes. This wine would be a crowd pleaser across many palate preferences.

The Sparkling

Bartenura Rose

Tasting Notes: This sparkling wine from Italy is rich in flavor and mouthfeel. It features notes of peach and caramelized sugar.

David Stuck Photo

You’ll like it if: You like sparkling wines with an effervescent mouthfeel and light acidity. This is an easy drinking wine with an added flair; subtle fruit notes; and the added benefit of only 7 percent alcohol.

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