Gal Gadot makes solidarity visit to Israeli border town


Israeli actress Gal Gadot plays a superhero in the DC Comics Universe, but last week Wonder Woman surprised an Israeli community with a visit to convey the message that they are “the real heroes.”

(Ricky Vigil M/GC Images via Kveller)

On Aug. 24, Gadot visited Netiv HaAsara, a small community on the border with the Gaza Strip that was under fire during the recent Operation Breaking Dawn.

Video footage shared on Twitter shows Gadot arriving at the local school’s auditorium to cheers, clapping, and general hysteria as kids shouted her name and took pictures on their phones.

“We didn’t know who was coming. Suddenly she walked in and we were so excited, it really made our hearts feel good,” a student at the school told the IDF radio station Galatz.

“I told myself that I have to visit and to tell you how you’re heroes and champions. How you’re dealing with a reality that’s so tough — you’re the real heroes,” Gadot told the assembled crowd of adults and kids.

“I just came to a visit to Israel with my daughters to Tel Aviv, and suddenly there was a siren, which is something we’re not used to where we are in Los Angeles and also in Tel Aviv . . . So my daughter, who is 10, got really, really, really stressed, and I tried to start to explain to her the complex reality of why we have missiles and why we have sirens and why there isn’t a normal life.”

It was, she said, “a reminder [that] I am nothing and zero . . . in comparison to what you’re dealing with and all you do.”

“I just wanted you to know that I embrace you and that I am strengthening you and that I think you are really, really, really amazing,” she said. “I hope that this will be over soon and that you will have quiet and security.”

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